How The Superconferences Can Help Us Get Playoffs

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How The Superconferences Can Help Us Get Playoffs
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Ok, who thought a year ago we would be seeing conference expansion? If you said that you did you are lying.

It seemed impossible at he most we thought Boise State and Utah may be added somewhere. Hey there was even the idea that Notre Dame might eventually get off its high horse and join a conference.

But this.

Colorado, Nebraska, Texas. We're playing with the big boys now college football fans. This is not a couple of small conference teams coming up a rank, this is a complete overhaul of college football as we know it.

Everything is changing. There might not be anymore Big 12, USC's dominance of the Pac 10 may end, and we might have three super-conferences left standing when the dust is settled.

So if the world of college football is changing so much why not go a step further, add a playoff system.

This would not be a huge tournament with sixteen teams as some would like. No this could be a four team tournament, with a play in game.

Here is how it would work. The winners of the three super-conferences get a automatic bid, two wild card teams would compete in a play in game. The play in game would be one of the BCS bowls. The winner of the play in game will play the highest ranked automatic bid in another of the BCS bowls. The other two automatic bids would play each other in the third BCS bowl.

The winners of the two games will then play each other in the fourth BCS bowl playing for the national championship.

To make it fair the four BCS bowls would take turns being the different games in the tournament

It would work like this.The Fiesta would be play in game one year then two VS. three matchup the next then one VS. four matchup after that then finally the championship game the fourth year. Then repeat with all four BCS  bowls.

To please the traditionalist we can even keep the other bowls and let the remaining six wins and higher teams play for those.

This format would be fair and reasonable. The only thing stopping it are the traditionalist who do not want playoffs. Well I say if they can screw up our conferences then we can screw up thier Bowl Championship Series.

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