Prediction for Pac-10 Expansion

Josh BennettContributor IJune 10, 2010

There are countless options as to who the Pac-10 could add to build a bigger and better conference, and the first school has been added. 

With Nebraska going to the Big Ten and Colorado to the Pac-10, conference expansion as we know it has begun. But there are still numerous questions as to how the college football landscape will look when all is said and done. 

Does the Pac-10 add five more Big 12 schools? Do they add Utah and four Big 12 schools? Do they add only Utah and call it quits at 12 teams? Do they stop after adding only Colorado? 

The answer is unknown and will stay that way for now—at least until tomorrow, when things can shake up all over again. 

If I had to make my boldest prediction as to what happens with the Pac-10 next, I would guess they add Utah, followed by four Big 12 schools. 

I believe the Pac-10 added Colorado to stop Texas from being in the driver's seat and calling all the shots—like insisting an addition of unwanted Texas Tech and Baylor. 

If the Pac-10 wants complete control of expansion, the conference should add Utah next—leaving four spots for expansion.

If the Pac-10 adds Utah, they will have successfully reached the team requirement for a conference championship game, which will be attractive to any TV deal the conference might look into. 

With four spots left, the Pac-10 should extend offers to Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State.

The addition of these six teams brings in natural rivals and is perfect for the conference split of divisions.

Colorado and Utah, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, and Texas and Texas A&M all pair off as rivalries. Add Arizona and Arizona State and the Pac-10 is looking at one of its two divisions. 

By adding Utah first, the Pac-10 gives Texas no way to drag unwanted Baylor and Texas Tech to the conference.

I expect the next domino to fall soon with Utah being invited.