Pac-10 Expansion or SEC Expansion: What Move Is Best for the Oklahoma Sooners?

Luke McConnellCorrespondent IJune 10, 2010

I'm pretty sure no one saw this one coming.  

In the past few weeks and months, rumors have been flying all over the place about conference expansions and certain teams switching conferences and so on and so forth. 

Most people regarded these rumors as false or just waited until they had more validity to them.  

Now, that validity has come.  And in a VERY big way.  

The current status of college football has the University of Nebraska moving to the Big Ten to join fellow college football icons Michigan and Ohio State, while Colorado, anticipating the demise of the Big 12 conference has accepted an offer to join the Pac-10.  

There are also reports of the SEC talking with Texas A&M, Baylor trying to work the political system so as not to be left in the dust, and OSU looking into accepting an invitation from the Pac-10 as well.  

This afternoon, KCTV in Kansas City reported that Texas and Texas A&M are also looking to join the Big Ten, while fellow Big 12 South rival Oklahoma is looking into petitioning the SEC for membership.  

However, the problem with that for Oklahoma is that the Sooners have to have another school enter with them. With arch-rival Oklahoma State looking into the Pac-10's soon-to-come invitation, that could be a problem for the Sooners.  

Athletic director Joe Castiglione has been quoted as saying that the Sooners aren't looking to bolt just yet. Castiglione said that Oklahoma has not been in contact with the Pac-10 and are content with where they are now.  

Castiglione has also stated that should it be necessary, Oklahoma will follow Texas in whatever they decide to do.  

Oklahoma is not tied to Texas by any contract or agreement between the schools, but for all intents and purposes, i.e. the Red River Rivalry.

When asked what Oklahoma's stance was on the whole picture, OU assistant athletic director of communications Kenny Mossman said, "We feel the Big 12 is a great conference, but if the landscape changes, we are confident that our leadership will make decisions in the best interest of the university.  Yes, Mr. Castiglione has indicated that there has been contact with the SEC."

So what is best for the Sooners?  The SEC?  A revamped Big 12?  The Big Ten?  The Pac-16, should that happen?  

I agree with Castiglione in that the Sooners should stay with Texas, wherever that may be.  

Texas is a huge money maker and the highest profile university in the Big 12.  As much as it pains me to say that, it's the truth and there is no point denying that.  

To be with Texas is to be with money.  Part of the reason the Big 12 even made as much as they did on their TV deals in the first place was because of Texas and how that brought in all the major Texas TV markets.  

If Texas does indeed decide to pursue the Big Ten, then Oklahoma better be hot on their heels.  However, those reports are not too accurate in my opinion.  KCTV is ranked last of the major Kansas City TV stations.  

A shuffle, the likes of which we have never seen before is in motion.  Where will Oklahoma land?  

Only time will tell, but if the administration doesn't keep up the pace with what is going on, the Sooners will be left in the dust.