Nebraska Football: What We Know About the Cornhuskers To the Big Ten

Josh KleinCorrespondent IJune 10, 2010

With all the rumors circulating about Nebraska going to the Big Ten it is time to lay to rest a few of the issues some people seem to be taking as the truth, when in fact it continues to be speculation.

We have seen that UNL remains tight lipped concerning the situation.  Why?

Because they haven't made a decision yet; the board of regents has set up a meeting tomorrow where all we know is that the concept of conference realignment is on the agenda.

As we all know by now, Chip Brown, a writer for via Texas' page reported that Nebraska's board of regents met yesterday and "informally" agreed to move to the Big Ten.

The problem is that Chip Brown used an unnamed source to confirm something that was untrue.  In fact, at the time that Chip Brown was writing the article, part of the board of regents was on a conference call and had made no such vote or statement.

In other words, Chip Brown wrote a piece based on conjecture, not fact.  

I'm not here to say that Nebraska isn't going to the Big Ten, in fact, I think they are, but the only thing we actually know right now is that the concept of the move has officially been added to the regent meeting agenda on Friday.

The USA Today reported that UNL denied the reports made by Chip Brown and that these reports were "untrue."  However, they did tell the USA Today that they amended the agenda officially, which is most likely what the conference call was about. 

The problem with conjecture is that it doesn't help anyone; it muddies up the situation and sometimes forces people's hands before they are actually ready to act.  Luckily, this report was made only days, not weeks prior to the meeting of Nebraska regents on June 11th.  If it had been weeks we might have seen an escalation of a process that should be gone about slowly and thoroughly.

Remember, this is about the long term future of not just a football program but a state school.  There is no way that a decision on a topic such as this should be made in a hurried fashion.

So put the pen and paper down and freeze those fingers on the keyboard.  Wait for some real news to break because all we know right now is that the UNL Board of Regents WILL talk about it on Friday and an announcement will most likely be made Friday evening or early Saturday morning.

Like I said, I fully expect the announcement to proclaim Nebraska gone to the Big Ten but I won't be surprised if the announcement turns out to be the exact opposite.  As of right now, we don't know enough to say the "Nebraska to the Big Ten" is a done deal.