Big Ten Expansion: Is Big 12 Breakup Scenario Closer Than We All Imagined?

Denton RamseySenior Analyst IJune 10, 2010

As much as I may hate to admit it, I’ve been forced to deal with the reality of it lately.

It’s highly likely the Big 12 Conference may soon be breaking up.

And the conference may be dissolving a whole lot quicker than anyone anticipated.

At this point and time, in fact, it’s looking like the Big Ten will soon become the new Big 12—and the Pac-10 may soon become a power-conference, "Pac-16."

What good, outside of money obviously, would come in making such a big conference?

We’re talking about a conference that won’t even be able to have everyone play each other just once in a football season.

Isn’t this getting a little ridiculous? This is beyond feeling sorry for poor old Baylor being left in the cold.

It’s about sticking together.

It’s about the fact the Big 12 hasn’t been around long enough to talk about dissolving the conference.

It’s about local Lone Star State teams being able to keep their rivalries alive and well.

And it’s about comradery—a topic often discussed in the gridiron game.

The Big 12 Conference, whether people want to believe it or not, is like one giant team.

We win together, and we lose together.

Right about now, at least under those guidelines, everyone in the Big 12 is losing.

What’s wrong with letting the Big Ten become the new Big 12; and the Big 12 will become the new Big Ten?

I know there’s a whole-freaking-lot of politics—and a whole-damn-lot of money—involved in this expansion process.

But, if the Big 12 does happen to dissolve due to factors such as Nebraska leaving for the Big Ten or half a dozen teams bolting to the Pac-10, who really wins?

Definitely not Baylor.

However, I don’t want people to read this the wrong way: This isn’t about Baylor.

It’s about keeping the Big 12 intact.

It’s about college rivalries.

And it shouldn’t have anything to do with finances.

Unfortunately, though, that’s the way the entire world runs…



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