Big 12 Meetings End and One Thing Everyone Knew Is Verified

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IJune 6, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - DECEMBER 5: Sam Meginnis #67 of the Nebraska Cornhuskers gets ready to hike the ball during the Big 12 Football Championship game against the Texas Longhorns at Cowboys Stadium on December 5, 2009 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Big 12 meetings in Kansas City ended recently and now the rhetoric, verbosity, and swashbuckling comments indicate one thing that many have suspected.  This is that the Big 12 conference is in fact run and controlled by the University of Texas, the state of Texas, the Texas political powers, most notably the Texas Legislature, and Texas' own puppet, Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe.

From Deloss Dodds, the University of Texas Athletic Director, we get this gem of a statement: "We didn't start this, but we will finish it."

University of Texas and Texas arrogance and ego at its best.

Memo to Mr. Dodds—much of this started upon the formation of the Big 12 fifteen or so years ago when the University of Texas demanded they get everything their way, no concessions, no give and take, no meeting anyone halfway, no compromise.  The University of Texas started this many years ago.

And from an unnamed, high-ranking member of the Texas Legislature, "If you're going to have an exported commodity involved in this, do you think we're going to allow a school from outside the state of Texas to replace one of our schools in the Big 12 South?  I don't think so.  We're already at work on this."

In reference to the Texas Legislature working backroom deals to try to get all Big 12 South Texas schools into the Pac-10, including Baylor, over the Big 12 North's Colorado.

The above is in response to reports in recent days that the Pac-10 may be prepared to make offers to join their conference to Big 12 South members Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Colorado from the Big 12 North.

Texas trying to strong arm the Pac-10 in order to get their way.  Where have we seen this before?

Now, it comes out that an ultimatum has been issued to the University of Nebraska and the University of Missouri.  Really though, this is aimed 100 percent at the Cornhuskers. Sorry Missouri, the Big 12 can still be a viable conference for Texas if the Tigers make a jump to another conference.

Nebraska?  Not so much. 

With Nebraska apparently on the rise under Bo Pelini, the University of Texas needs Nebraska in the north. They want Nebraska in the Big 12 North. 

Imagine the Big 12 Title game match-up possibilities for Texas or Oklahoma if Nebraska did leave the Big 12.  Kansas, Kansas State, Colorado, Iowa State, or Missouri against likely South winner Texas or Oklahoma sounds like a match-up that the BCS, ESPN, and television cable companies would just love to market every year.

Without Nebraska in the North the credibility and viability of the Big 12 and of Texas takes a huge hit. 

I ask Dan Beebe, where is the long term commitment from Texas to remain in the Big 12?  Where is the ultimatum and deadline for the University of Texas to make a long term commitment to the Big 12?

Do the Texas flirtations with the Pac-10 and the Texas Legislature making demands of the Pac-10 demonstrate a commitment to the Big 12?

Does the threat of joining the Pac-10 and taking the South with them demonstrate Texas' commitment to the Big 12?

And then there is the Longhorn television network.

It comes down to one thing. The University of Texas can't be trusted in any manner in these dealings. 

Who is to say that if Nebraska makes a long term commitment that in a short time frame Texas doesn't then run off to another conference and takes the Big 12 South with them?

Would that sort of behavior out of Texas really surprise anyone?