Pac 10 + ½ of Big 12 = “the Big West” ?

Alli MContributor IJune 3, 2010

How many of us remember the old Southwest Conference? How many of us remember it being a good conference? How many of us like the Big 12? How many of us respect the Pac 10, etc.?

According to, a University of Texas sports blog, has reported that the Pac 10 is courting UT (Texas), Texas A&M, Texas Tech, OU (Oklahoma), OSU (Oklahoma State), and Colorado to leave the Big 12 and join the Pac 10. 

This would ultimately break up the already strong Big 12, leaving most of the Big 12 north and Baylor to find new homes with the SEC, USA, and/or Big Ten. 

This new league would create a huge television market. Almost seven of the top 20 TV markets would be in the hands of the Big West, thus a possible creation of a college sports network that the college world will not have seen to date. 

The Cookie Jar

Missouri and Nebraska already has their eye on the Big 10, and Texas A&M is flirting with the SEC . The SEC would love to get their hands on UT and OU…not necessarily A&M. But there is one big problem, “academics in the SEC are not on par with Texas”.  Therefore, A&M is a good prospect, and the SEC would get a Texas school.  I think the people at A&M will have to consider the academic issues before joining the SEC.

Chocolate Chip or Sugar?

This situation reminds me of my nights at work. When boys buy me shots and tell me how pretty I am, it gives me the biggest ego boost. I flirt and smile, and milk them for their tips. But at the end of the night, I drive home with my fiancé. 

So what does this have to do with football? 

What happens with all these teams at the end of the night? Are they going to go home with a new boy or stay with whom they know and trust? 

In my opinion, unless these other conferences can present a very, very good prospect, the Big 12 is going to stay in tact BECAUSE it is one of the strongest conferences in the land.  With all that power comes responsibility, and the Big 12 has the responsibility to keep their teams happy. (See: Gerald Myers' initial statement about staying in the Big 12)

Scooby Snacks

What does this mean for Tech? Not much overall. Either way, Tech would have the rivalries that we claim to have. The “big” games would be in tact (for the most part, with or without A&M). Tech would have more teams to play and three more big name teams that sharpen their skills against (USC, UCLA, and Oregon).

It would still be a blood bath.  Keeping the Big 12 schools together while adding the Arazonas, would not help any of the Big 12 schools.  The only perks would be more money in the school's pockets (if they can manage that after the 25 hour bus trip for the marching bands) and the prospect of playing the above schools mentioned once every two years?  

You would still have Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, USC, UCLA, and Oregon beating up on each other--which is no different than what happens in the SEC and the Big 12 right now.  In today's system, any conference with powerhouses pitted up against each other is going to deal with the issue of fairness and "who deserves what."

Over time, Tech could become a stronger team, but it would mean more expensive traveling and a harder time for fans and other Texas Tech organizations to attend games. Money, that Tech does not have right now, and less so if they lose against Leach. 

If the Big West forms, all I ask is that they have better rules regarding a three part tie, than the current Big 12. Drawing straws possibly?