2010 College Football: WAC's Top 10 RBs

Rick GillispieCorrespondent IIMarch 3, 2017

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The WAC lost one of their best running backs of all time in Ryan Mathews of Fresno State. Mathews ran for over 1800 yards last year and was selected in the first round of the NFL draft.

But, do not worry their is still plenty of talent at the running back position for the WAC this year.

Top 10 Running Backs:

1. Vai Taua (Nevada)  1345 yds last year

2. Robert Turbin (Utah St)  1296 yds last year

3. Jeremy Avery (Boise State)  1151 yds last year

4. Robbie Rouse (Fresno State) 479 yds last year

5. Seth Smith (New Mexico State) 1016 yds last year

6. Doug Martin (Boise State) 765 yds last year

7. Princeton McCarty (Idaho) 680 yds last year

8. Lamon Muldrow (San Jose State) 592 yds last year

9. Tyrone Duplessis (Louisiana Tech) 277 yds last year

10. Alex Green (Hawaii) 453 yds last year


This ranking does not include running QBs like Colin Kaepernick (Nevada) or Diondre Borel (Utah State).

Nevada led the WAC and the Nation in running last year with a staggering 344.9 yds per game.

Fresno State was eight in the Nation with 228.9 yds per game while Utah State (192.6), Boise State (186.1) and Louisiana Tech (184.2) were all in the top 30 in rushing last year.

Robert Turbin of Utah State is coming off injury over the winter and is not even listed as the potential starter. Michael Smith is listed as the starter.

Jeremy Avery and Vai Taua were named pre-season first team while Robbie Rouse and Michael Smith were named second team.