SEC Roller Coaster Part Two: Eastern Division Preview

Seth BowmanCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2008

Towards the conclusion of the 2007 college football season, all of America could agree that there were no other teams as hot as the Georgia Bulldogs. If you were playing Georgia, you were not looking forward to that game. Georgia finished their Megan Fox hot season, 11-2 and with an expected rout of Hawaii 41-10. With as much buildup and hype as the Bulldogs have received pre-season 2008, will they deliver and be the next SEC/BCS Champion?
I believe so, and I will tell you why.

If Georgia is to be crowned the next SEC champion, who will contend and try to stand in Georgia's way?

The SEC east will be competitive, but only between the eastern powerhouses. Florida and Tennessee will reload and be contenders as usual, and South Carolina will be a mystery, also as usual.

My Pick to finish second, is the Florida Gators. Florida has a favorable schedule with Georgia, LSU and Miami at home and on the road at Tennessee. Despite their favorable schedule and talented core group, it wont be enough to take down the dogs. Look for Florida to be the Georgia of last year, a couple losses and hot towards the end, but to little, to late.

The third place hole will be filled with the Tennessee Volunteers. Tennessee will have a good year, but to the Vols faithful, losses to Georgia, Florida, Alabama and UCLA all in the same year, certainly wont help cool down fat Phil's already hot seat. Aside from the losses above, no huge problem for the vols, other than just a down year, but hey third place ain't bad right?

My fourth and interesting spot; the one I like to call "the wild card", will be dealt to the Gamecocks of Southern Carolina. I believe the Ole Ball Coach is subject to one big upset each year.  This year I am honestly saying I don't know who that upset will be against; but with so much parity in today's game, you know its possible. The Gamecocks just simply aren't there yet; but with the recruiting Spurrier is doing, it wont be long.

Finally, everybody knows (if you have read anything above or guessed it by now) The Georgia Bulldogs will easily take the Eastern Crown. I don't feel the need to defend my pick because I think the team itself can do that for me. You have a very experienced QB who has a cannon for an arm and excellent field vision; the best running back in the SEC; maybe in the country in KnowShon Moreno; and an experience filled defense. The tools are in place for Georgia, and believe you me, they will use them. After taking the east crown, the Bulldogs will once again triumph over a young but talented Alabama group in the SEC Championship and march on to the BCS Championship game. If history shows us anything, one can guess it will be Ohio State matched up against The Bulldogs, and once again, the SEC will roll over anyone in its way.