BCS Championship: Who Should Be in It?

Eli BenjaminContributor IMay 29, 2010

WASHINGTON - MARCH 08:  U.S. President Barack Obama (L) receives a football helmet during an East Room event to host members of the Alabama Crimson Tide March 8, 2010 at the White House in Washington, DC. Obama welcomed the 2009 BCS Champion to honor its 13th championship and an undefeated season.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
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Just for fun, I decided to test the waters.

Im going to give you guys a scenario, and  give arguments for each team. You tell me who you think deserves to be in the national title game.


SEC Champion: Alabama (Record: 10-2)

I probably don't need to list the reasons why the SEC champion deserves to be in the national championship.

As a conference they are widely considered the best, their fans are crazy about their respective teams, and most importantly, they are winners.

Since 2006, they have won every national championship played.

Two losses or not, Alabama deserves a shot to make history with back to back national championships.

P.S Comment below on this:

Does it matter whether they lose in or out of conference?

Big 10 Champion: Ohio State (11-1)

By far one of the wealthiest conferences, the Big 10 has come under quite a bit of undeserved flak over the years.

The definition of power football, the Big 10 run games and powerful offensive lines tend to dominate teams.

A combination of clock management, and constant play action keeps defenses tired and on their toes.

In last years bowls, both Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Penn State proved they can deal with the "speed" of other conferences, different offensive looks, and hang with the best of them.

Ohio State has been at the top of the Big 10 for years, and deserves a shot at it all to restore their reputation.


Big 12 Champion: Oklahoma( 11-1)

A constant competitor, the Big 12 is known for potent offense.

Last year, however, Big 12 teams actually excelled at defense. Is this the year they find the balance they need?

The past two years the Big 12 champion has been in the national championship.

Two years ago, Oklahoma RB Demarco Murray was injured during the national championship and did not play, resulting in two failed goaline fourth downs(final score 24-14).

One year ago, Colt McCoy went down after running over the Alabama defense and leaving the game with a 3-0 lead and the ball right on the goal line.

The Big 12 has shown it can compete, can they stave off the injuries?

Would the Big 12 be raising the past two crystal balls had things been different?

Regardless, the Big 12 deserves the chance to settle the score, and show their mettle.

Interesting fact: The Big 12 has been winning national championships every five years, the last one being Texas in 2005.

Wouldn't that be cool for them to hold that trend?


ACC Champion: Florida State (11-1) Undefeated in Conference

Created as a conference centered around Miami and Florida state, and their histories, it has been a disappointing conference so far.

However, this year, it finally lives up to its original billing.

With speed that easily rivals that of the SEC, and a more offensive outlook, they have proven they can compete. Florida State has a long history of excellence, and Jimbo Fisher has only continued that tradition.

They deserve a shot at restoring their glory days, and giving their conference national prestige.

Big East Champion: Cincinnati ( 11-1)— Undefeated in Conference

Often considered the worst of Big Six, the Big East has been underrated for years.

Although, they do not have a good history against the other conferences, the Big East's potent offense, and disguised coverages can win if given a chance.

The result of last year's Sugar Bowl should not be taken seriously, since they had just lost their coach and did not have the explosive offense that had carried them all year.

With a new coach, and a potent dual-threat quarterback, Cincinnati is a nightmare for defenses to try and stop.

They deserve another shot at a big game regardless of past history.

Pac-10 Champion: Oregon (11-1)

Although last year was an aberration, it is merely a blip on the radar for the Pac 10.

The conference has long prided itself on a deep conference filled with many talented teams, and a fantastic history of bowl wins. USC, long considered a dynasty, has given the Pac 10 credibility, but Oregon has been the one to win games the past few years.

With Chip Kelly's potent offense, and more experience, they are a definite national player.

How much fun would it be to see the ducks in a national championship?

Mountain West Champion: TCU (12-0)

The up and coming Mountain West conference has gained some serious momentum.

With a 5-1 bowl record last year, they are considered a favorite to both bust the BCS, and to become a BCS conference within the next few years.

On top of that, there is serious debate about whether TCU is in fact, the best team in Texas.

With Gary Patterson as coach, and Andy Dalton coming back to lead the team, TCU is a mega contender.

Not only does TCU has something to prove for both for its program and its conference, but it would relish the chance to play as the underdog against a major team.

They deserve a first, second and third look as a national championship team.


Other Contenders

Boise State (12-0)

Needing no introduction to the BCS, the Boise State Broncos have already busted it a few times.

The darling of mid-majors, Boise has defeated even the mighty dynasty of Oklahoma with their trick plays and huge heart.

These boys may not be the most athletically gifted players, but they play as a team, with more heart than any other team I've seen.

They have been waiting for their shot for years, and this year their team will be the best it has been, returning 21 of 22 starters.

They deserve the shot, and it would be ridiculous for the BCS to deny them again.


Notre Dame: (10-2)

Long is the history of Notre Dame.

You either love them or really hate them with a passion.

With a crazy leprechaun mascot, and a storied history, the addition of a powerful spread offense was all Notre Dame needed to come back into prominence.

Putting them in the national title talk would bring the single most passionate fan base to the game, and allow Notre Dame to prove once and for all, if it can still rule college football.




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