Big XII: "Go East, My Friend"

J CarterContributor IMay 20, 2010

OK, so I wrote an article in May about the Big XII becoming a super conference and heading west to snatch up key universities to round out their new conference of 16 schools.  The intent was to show how the Big XII can triumph during the “Great Change” that will happen in Division I football in the near future.

Although, I believe my thought process was somewhat logical, it wasn’t bold. So I thought I would think outside the box to come up with a more aggressive plan to set up the Big XII Conference for the next several decades. Below is my new BOLD plan for the Big XII super conference.

Let me start by setting up the scenario. The Big Ten has moved on their plan to expand to 16 teams and has plucked Missouri and Nebraska from the Big XII as well as Pitt, Rutgers and Syracuse. Colorado bolts from the Big XII within two seconds of receiving the phone call from the PAC-10, which has also decided to expand to 16 teams. The PAC-10 rounds out their new super conference by adding San Diego State, Fresno State, Utah, Boise State, and Nevada. The SEC begins their expansion plans by inviting Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State to their new super conference.

The good news for the Big XII is Texas, Oklahoma and their little brothers decline the SEC’s invitation and decide to stay in the Big XII, which is working on their own expansion plans. The Big XII has very little options for expansion west due to the success of the PAC-10 and they have no plans to raid the north. So where does the Big XII look to expand its conference, increase their TV revenue and improve their opportunities to get top recruits. I say “Go, East My Friends”.

Here’s a look at what the future may hold for the Big XII.

Big XII West: Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, TCU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Kansas State

Big XII East: Florida State, Miami, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Tulane, Southern Miss, Troy State, Memphis

Here’s my logic. The Big XII has to do something to remain relevant in this new era of super conferences. Their new plan is to expand from Texas to the east coast. And with their newly cemented TV agreement with the PAC-10, the Big XII will now have TV exposure from coast to coast. This will trump any expansion plan created by the Big Ten or SEC and in the long run will increase the Big XII’s revenue sharing plan for each school. To start their expansion plans, the Big XII removes the two weakest links in the conference, Iowa State and Baylor.  This will not be a popular move but they need to get down to eight schools in their new Big XII West and the addition of TCU will make the division the strongest in the Nation, top to bottom. 

To increase their TV revenue, the Big XII will take a page from the success of the SEC and look to expand into the deep south, taking schools from each key southern state. This will increase the Big XII’s exposure to the key markets in the south, such as New Orleans as well as southern Alabama and Mississippi. But the crown jewel of their new acquisition is Florida State and Miami and their future recruits.  

As we know, the three states with the largest quantity of elite recruits are in Florida, Texas and California. Now that Florida and Miami are in the Big XII, schools like Texas and Oklahoma will be able to recruit from Florida.  Combining schools from Florida may not seem like a good fit, but keep in mind that the Old Big 8 had ties to Florida. The Big 8 Champion used to play at  the Orange Bowl each year and the Oklahoma, Miami match-ups of the 80’s were classic.

Well, those are my thoughts. I would be happy to get yours…