College Football Talking Points: Lane Kiffin Can Sell, Alabama's Schedule

Gary BrownCorrespondent IIMay 19, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 01:  Head coach Lane Kiffin looks on during the  USC Trojans spring game on  May 1, 2010 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
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Quite frankly, everything that can be said about Big Ten expansion and every other conference's growth plan has been said.

With that in mind, we will focus our attention today on other items worthy of discussion among your college football friends.

Our goal at College Sports Matchups is simple. We want you to be the smartest college football fan in your group. If you can carry the conversation beyond conference expansion, then the odds tilt to your favor.

Here are a few items so you can do your part in keeping the college football conversation going.


What impact will the SEC schedule have in determining the outcome of the SEC championship and possibly the national title?

Alabama has been given the short end of the stick with the SEC this year by facing six opponents who will have two weeks to prepare for the Tide. Besides more time to learn, it will give teams the ability to get their players plenty of rest before they line up against the defending national champ.

Making this situation even tougher is that Bama faces these teams over the last seven weeks of the season. Here are the opponents who have this luxury from the SEC schedule makers: South Carolina, Ole Miss, Tennessee, LSU, Mississippi State, and Auburn.

Nick Saban says the Tide will not use this situation as an excuse for any game, but you still have to wonder, how did this happen?

Even for the ardent Tide haters, you have to agree this situation is unfair, and you may just understand a little better why Bama fans see conspiracies against them everywhere they look.

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Lane Kiffin is the best salesman in the world

Has anyone ever parlayed 12 coaching victories into as big a payday as USC head coach Lane Kiffin has? With his 12-21 record, Kiffin has his hands on the reins of one of college football’s truly great programs.

His ability to convince Tennessee administrators that he should be their head man was astounding enough, but then to be able to sell the idea that he is worth $4 million per year to lead the Trojans puts him in a sales league beyond compare.

All that is really known about the young Trojan coach right now is that he has shown an ability to recruit (see more salesmanship) and his dad, Monte, is one of the great defensive innovators in all of football.

Say what you want, but if Lane ever decides to leave coaching, there should be major companies lined up to retain his sales services. However, many times the hot young sales guy can’t sustain his momentum and winds up flaming out as his lack of execution starts to show. Will Kiffin be one of the rare few that will thrive, or will he become a victim of success too early? Time will tell.

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Michigan battling NCAA

Did anyone notice that Michigan is hoping self-imposed penalties will get the NCAA off its back?

Come Monday the school has to reply to the NCAA regarding the violations they are accused of, and the university is hoping its response will satisfy the governing body.

What makes the process of deciding how to approach the NCAA in this situation is just how tough to be on yourself. Go too far and you may cripple your program for years to come, but if you are too light in doling out internal punishment, you run the risk of leading the NCAA to believe you don’t take the allegation seriously. That makes them really unhappy most of the time.

What will Michigan propose for its penalty? Expect to find out on Tuesday.

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Well, there are a few items to carry you through the next few days. We will keep listening for the next round of news while you do your part by keeping the college football conversation going.