Terrelle Pryor Ready to Take Ohio State To Next Level

Drew GatewoodAnalyst IMay 18, 2010

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 01:  Quarterback Terrelle Pryor #2 of the Ohio State Buckeyes speaks during the post-game news conference after the buckeyes 26-17 win in the 96th Rose Bowl game over the Oregon Ducks on January 1, 2010 in Pasadena, California.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Ohio State’s offensive general, Terrelle Pryor, has had some growing pains getting to this point in his career.

Pryor has thrown bad passes and lost fumbles that still haunt him today. He has worn eye black with Michael Vick's name on it and attempted to semi-defend Vick during an impromptu press conference on the field.

Since the Rose Bowl back in January, the light has gone on for this young man. He now knows his role as the leader of this team and for the first time in his career is ready to accept that responsibility.

He showed the country what he was capable of during the Buckeyes' win over Oregon, but it is what he shows his teammates every day that has the coaches turning their heads.

At 20 years old, Pryor looks to be a shoo-in for offensive captain this year. He has taken it upon himself to be a leader on and off the field this spring.

“I’m the first guy to leave a party when I go out, and try to get other guys to leave when I do,” Pryor said during an interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

He has also taking a proactive role in making sure his teammates, like Duron Carter, make their grades a priority. He will need Carter this fall, and he knows how important it will be to have his young receiver eligible. Cater missed the Rose Bowl and spring practices with grade issues.

He has played through injuries, adversity, and above all else the weight of the Buckeye Nation on his shoulders, hoping he can lead them to that elusive BCS title. His knee has been repaired, and he says he is back to 100 percent. He never missed a game during the regular season and followed that up with a Rose Bowl MVP performance for an encore.

Pryor looked more comfortable in the pocket in this year’s Spring Game. Having both another year under his belt and a healthy knee brought his confidence up immensely. The Buckeyes are on the verge of another national title run come September, and Pryor’s success will directly correlate to how far they go.

He is entering his junior year and has stated he has no plans to leave early for the NFL. Pryor knows he is in no position to bolt early if he wants to play quarterback in the NFL.

“I have a lot to learn, but will learn it. I pick up things easily,” Pryor stated.

His focus on getting better as both a quarterback and a teammate has him staying in Columbus this summer instead of heading home to Pennsylvania. Pryor knows he needs all the time he can get with his receivers and being able to train in the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.

It is a golden age for the Buckeyes, and their young prodigy is a huge part of the recent success.