Let's Be Honest: Does USC Want Lane or Do They Want Monte?

LoudMouf Sports Correspondent IMay 17, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 01:  Head coach Lane Kiffin gives instructions during the  USC Trojans spring game on  May 1, 2010 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

On the list of All Time Most Overrated Coaches, Lane Kiffin should be an unanimous No. 1 because he was given the dream job for anyone who wants to be given credit for doing nothing.

Seriously, the guy was basically getting paid off the greatness of Pete Carroll and Norm Chow. It was Norm Chow who developed that high-powered Southern Cal offense and it was Pete Carroll's ability to recruit the top athletes all over the country that led to the success of the Trojans.

Upon being promoted to offensive coordinator for USC in 2005, after Norm Chow left for the NFL, he continued what was still a Chow/Carroll offense and before he could really prove himself to be useful, he went to Oakland.

Obviously, we all know what happened in Oakland and the ill-advised draft selection of JaMarcus Russell, almost as overrated as Kiffin himself, and of course was later fired after producing nothing close to a successful season.

On the other hand, we have future hall of fame defensive coordinator in Monte Kiffin, a guy who, along with Tony Dungy, gave the world the Tampa 2 defense that still is the most popular defensive scheme. Monte Kiffin is a guy who is only rivaled by Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator, Dick LeBeau, as the greatest NFL defensive coordinator of all time. He has helped produce stars like Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp, and John Lynch through his Super Bowl-winning Tampa 2 defense based off the Cover 2 philosophy.

So when you compare the two resumes, is it even close who is the favorable coach?

No way.

So why is it that Lane Kiffin isn't filing for unemployment?

Well this is what I instantly thought when Tennessee hired Lane: Here is a guy who is young, has the winning mentality that was preached at USC, a nice list of alumni that attended USC while he was a coach, and let's be honest, the guy knows how to convince players to come to his school.

Personally, I think he is a liar who would do anything to get a kid to follow him, even if it ruins the athlete's career as long as it benefits him. But the main thing you have to look at in a situation like this. There is no way you would ever get Dick LeBeau or Monte Kiffin or Bill Belichick away from their championship caliber defenses unless you did something special. For Tennessee that something special was the opportunity to coach with his son, and in all honesty it was Monte Kiffin who the Vols really want. Look at what he did to a respectable, at best, defense and turned the Volunteers into a top defense in just one year.

So is USC thinking the same thing? Because we all know that Lane can get any recruit he wants, let's be honest the guy just has "it" and he knows how to get the top athletes. When it comes to X's and O's of an actual football team, Lane struggles. His dad will surely have the Trojan's defense the fiercest on the west coast but can Lane prove he deserves the head coaching job of one of the most storied programs in college football history. All that is left to be seen and for his own sake hopefully he does, if not I think it is safe to say Lane Kiffin will not be receiving a high paying job and certainly not a head coaching job for a very very long time.