Big XII: "Go West, My Friend"

J CarterContributor IMay 14, 2010

I have to admit, I have officially jumped on the Super Conference Bandwagon and I feel the need to put in my two cents in before my wagon makes it to the party.

As I sit back and look at all of the different scenarios that could happen to the Big XII, I have come to two realizations: 1) The Big XII will change within the next two years, whether we like it or not and will more than likely swell to 16 teams to compete with the Big Ten, SEC and Pac-10; and 2) Texas stays.  Let me clarify with some of my assumptions and then throw out my thoughts on what the Big XII might look like in the future.

First let's talk about the Big XII North. I am now convinced that we will lose Nebraska and Missouri to the Big Ten. I prefer they stay in the Big XII but MONEY and proximity are right for both schools. I also believe that Colorado will move to the PAC-10. That will leave the Big XII with holes in the North Division that need to be filled.

Texas will not leave the Big XII for the SEC or any other conference for two reasons; championships and recruits. As it stands now, Texas only has to beat Oklahoma to seriously increase their odds of getting one of the coveted spots in the BCS Championship game. Texas has played Oklahoma for over 100 years and the Red River Rivalry will continue no matter where they go. If Texas moved to the SEC, they would theoretically have to play Oklahoma and Alabama each year. And if they got past that fire pit without being charred, they would still have to play the best team in the SEC East.  Needless to say, their chances of pulling this off each year would be next to impossible. Oh by the way, unlike the Big XII, the SEC mid-level schools always upset one the big boys each year.  With that said, I think there are clearly too many land mines for Texas to move to the SEC. The other problem with moving to the SEC is recruiting. As it stands now, Texas only competes with Oklahoma for the top recruits in Texas. If they join the SEC, then the recruiting flood gates would open to the top teams in the SEC. I truly believe Texas will find this absolutely unacceptable.

So to recap: Nebraska, Missouri and Colorado will more than likely bail. That leaves the Big XII with nine teams which includes their two anchor schools, Texas and Oklahoma. So where does the conference look for additional schools to round out a Super Conference of 16. I say “Go, West My Friends”.

Here’s a look at what the future may hold for the Big XII.

Big XII West: Texas Tech, Texas A@M, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Iowa State, Boise State, Utah, Brigham Young

Big XII East: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas State, Baylor, New Mexico, New Mexico State, Nevada, UNLV

Here’s my logic. The Big XII needs anchor schools in the West and East but none of the schools will agree to have Texas and Oklahoma in separate divisions out of fear that the Big XII Conference Championship will always be between these two schools. This scenario would be bad for Texas and Oklahoma as well, since the schools would almost always play twice each year, during the Red River Rivalry and during the Big XII Championship game. Oklahoma Stat and Texas A@M would also argue that they are sick of being in the shadow of their big brothers (Oklahoma and Texas) and will want to be in another division to give them a better shot at making to the Big XII Championship game. The addition of Boise State, Utah and Brigham Young will make the Big XII West a challenging division and worthy of consideration on the National stage.

Well, those are my thoughts. I would be happy to get yours…