NCAA 2010: Critiquing New Notre Dame Football Jersey

IsmailAnalyst IMay 12, 2010

The following two pictures were sent to me from a Notre Dame alum who was on campus during the weekend of the Blue-Gold game. This is unofficially the new home Irish uniform.

During the unveiling of the 2010 version of the “Shirt” this uniform (and another with a different number) were raffled off by a student organization complete with a signature from new head coach Brian Kelly.

Although nothing is official yet, it appears that this may very well be the uniform Notre Dame will be wearing in the fall and it has also been rumored that the University will make an announcement at the end of May.

If this is the case, what do you think of the new look under Brian Kelly?

My reaction is pretty much a mixed bag.

I don’t want to make too many judgments just yet, because a jersey can look better or worse when it is paired together with a football player’s entire equipment (in comparison to a dummy).

Still, I have some thoughts.

First, the numbers appear freakishly large. It’s not that big of a deal, especially given that this jersey looks like a XXXXXL size, but it is a quip nonetheless.

Secondly, I am very excited to see the interlocking ND back on the arms in place of the boring TV numbers. Sure the TV numbers are more traditional, but nobody can convince me that the ND on the sides is not infinitely better while maintaining the “old-school” look.

Again, the ND patch looks extremely large but we’ll have to wait and see what it looks like on someone like Ethan Johnson or Darius Fleming in order to make a better assessment.

One small note on the patches: They are white with gold outline but the outline fills out the inside of the letters unlike in the past with Holtz, Davie, and Willingham’s jerseys.


Third, the Adidas logo at the base of the collar is one of the more controversial aspects to this uniform. If this is what we will see in the future, I expect a lot of negative reactions from the Irish faithful.

We’ve had a golden dome, shamrock, ND, and the script “Irish” at the base of the collar in the past, and a corporate logo displayed so prominently and centered could be a really, really bad idea.

Fourth, the ND on the upper back also seems like a very controversial move. At first, I was very taken back by the design, but I have to say that I think it does have some promise. Still, it wouldn’t surprise me if we see this removed after a year or two because of complaints from fans.

My overall impressions are slightly favorable and certainly what I expected. I knew Brian Kelly wouldn’t stray too far from the classic Notre Dame design, but I also knew he’d throw in a wrinkle or two to put his own stamp on the team’s look going forward.

Here’s something else to think about as well.

Did you notice how the collar is shaped weird and leaves a lot of space in the neck area? Apparently it may be in the works where the team will be wearing matching undershirts that will add a new aspect to the uniform.

Similar to how teams like Florida State and Miami have worn matching undershirts in the past, Notre Dame may be wearing shirts that could possibly have a shamrock on them, or a similar design, that would be visible above the Adidas logo.

Imagine that.