The SEC Needs To Go To The Matresses With the Big 10...Now

Jonathan KelleyCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2017

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

If the Big 10/11 wants a war to determine who will have the greatest conference and TV deal, then I say give it to them.

At this point in time, it has become a forgone conclusion that the Big 10 is going to expand. Regardless as to which how many teams it takes, this is nothing more than an attempt to unseat the SEC as the premier conference in college football.

When a threat is inevitable and a war is unavoidable, then it is in the best interest of the threatened party to act first.

This is why SEC commissioner Mike Slive has already publicly stated that the SEC will be proactive in expansion.

However, being proactive is not enough.

The SEC needs to unleash a preemptive strike that will not only counteract the Big 10, but also weaken other conferences who hope to take on the "King of Football."

In order to successfully pull off the greatest offensive attack by a conference since 1992, one needs to be a visionary.

If I were Mike Slive, I would gauge the interest of Texas and Oklahoma, which of course this means Ok St and A&M too, but I would also have a more devious plan in mind.

Instead of trying to negotiate with Texas and Oklahoma, which will almost assuredly demand that their in-state rivals accompany them, why not create a Texas and Oklahoma of your own.

I know what you are thinking, and although I am crazy, I'm not that crazy.

The SEC should take TCU and Houston to add to the western division in the SEC.

Houston, obviously, brings in the Houston TV market as well as a strong tradition of being a competitive team, and TCU has tradition galore and the Dallas/Ft Worth TV market.

This would be a win-win for all parties involved.

Houston and TCU would jump at the opportunity to join the SEC for the TV exposure and the money. Not only that, but the SEC wants to be in the mind of Texas recruits and viewers. 

By acquiring these two schools, the SEC would increase their exposure and popularity in the state of Texas.

Now TCU and Houston might not be very competitive in SEC at first, but within five years, they would surpass Arkansas, Ole Miss, Miss St, Kentucky, and Vandy.

These two schools could be the next big time programs to emerge in college football with the right resources and guidance.

Now as far Oklahoma, there is no major media market in Oklahoma worth going after, certainly not one greater than Houston or Dallas.

Also I like the Sooners, but they have being winning off recruits from the state of Texas forever, and there is not that much talent in Oklahoma as in to comparison of Texas.

The matter of expanding the east is simple: Take two teams with strong fanbases, rich tradition, and a good TV market.

In other words take Va. Tech and Fl State. It would be the ultimate death blow to the ACC, and one last laugh at Clemson and Ga. Tech for leaving the SEC for a basketball conference.

Think about the ACC would go back to being strictly a basketball league without Florida State and Virginia Tech. The conference has only had one National Title game appearance and that was by Va. Tech, who lost to the Seminoles, who where still in the Big East at the time.

The Conference would be left with Miami as its flag bearer, and that might not last long if the Big East where looking to salvage their conference to fend off an attack from the North.

So, in a sense, the SEC could weaken three of the conferences that it may see as a threat, while strengthen their own and making more money.

It is win all the way around.

Yet, in all likely hood, Miami and Florida St might be a package deal, and Houston and TCU may be to risky for the SEC take.

But I still believe that this plan would cement the SEC as the Supreme Ruler of division football for decades. 

As always, thanks for the read and feel free to tell me how crazy and insane I am or just agree with me. Thank you and have a great day!



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