Am I The Only One Who Loved The Heart Attacks?

Ben JanowskiContributor IMay 11, 2010

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - JANUARY 05:  Quarterback Richy Stanzi #12 of the Iowa Hawkeyes rolls out of the pocket against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets during the FedEx Orange Bowl at Land Shark Stadium on January 5, 2010 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Iowa won 24-14.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
Marc Serota/Getty Images

Let me paint 2 game pictures for you:

January 1st Bowl Game, Florida.

Team 1 is 8-4 coming off huge wins over conference foes and knocking a team out of the national title game, an explosive rushing attack led by the nations best running back, and a punishing defense. 

Team 2 suffered 2 early season losses and the last two of the year, and was sitting at 7-5, starting a  true freshman QB.

By Halftime, Team 1 is holding a confortable 21-0 lead, with team 2 commiting three interceptions and fumbling once in the first half. The majority of the 2nd Half consisted of the announcers talking about Team 2's mascot chicken and whether Team 1's running back and coach would go pro. No Lead Changes, and the game was obviously decided by halftime.

Sounds Fun, Right? Let's Look at Number 2

October 24, East Lansing, Michigan.

Team 1 is coming off 7 straight wins, is in the national title and conference race, and is facing a team that has proven difficult to beat in recent years with several starters out.

Team 2 was at 4-3 with three early losses, and despite those losses, could possibly be in the conference title hunt with a win over Team 1.

The game started slow, with both defenses hitting hard and ball movement slow. Both team recorded goal line stands, and going into the fourth quarter the score was only 6-3 with Team 2 in the lead. Going into the fourth, team 2 used a trick play to take the lead with under 2 minutes left. With only 2 seconds left, Team one wins with a quick inside pass to a former QB-turned WR, preserving their undefeated season.

Which Game Would You Rather Watch? 

Game 1 was Iowa facing South Carolina in the 2009 Outback Bowl. Game 2 was Iowa vs. Michigan State in 2009.

When I watch football, I like a good drag out, knock down, fight in the trenches style of football. It puts more emphesis on each play, and the ability of one major run or one major sack to fully change the outcome of the game. This is why I don't like people complaining about Iowa's 2009 Season.

A good football game is like a movie. You don't show who the villian is, blow everything up, and get the girl in the the first 15 minutes, and then have the hero do boring monologues for the next 45 minutes. Unless you are an SEC football fan, then I can't help you there.

Yes I wish we had more than a one touchdown lead in most of the games, but the old games of 55-0 or 46-0 don't get me excited, even if it is Hawkeye football. If you hang 35 points by halftime, and the announcers have to start talking about Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, I find myself getting up and doing other activities.

So this next year please. Fans, Enjoy the wonderful gift of hard-nosed Iowa Football and the great season we were blessed with. Team, give a little more than a 7 point cushion, but don't blow the team out so bad that you leave the fans rushing for the exits at halftime.