Ranking Alabama's 5 Potential Heisman Candidates: 2010

Colin Contributor IMay 3, 2010

Ranking Alabama's 5 Potential Heisman Candidates: 2010

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    Could Alabama have the first 2 time Heisman winner since Archie Griffin of Ohio State in 1974 and 1975? Or could there be a different Alabama player to take home The Heisman? I think there are a few to consider. Here's a quick and to the point look at Alabama's top five Heisman Trophy candidates for the 2010 season.

#5 Greg McElroy

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    Never lost a game? Sure, he will have to get his stats up. If McElroy can put together 10 games like the Florida game, with another 13-0 record he could be in the running. Don't count him out. He is nothing but a winner.

#4 Julio Jones

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    His very first game against Clemson was a breakout game for him. Right off the bat, on the big stage Julio showed that he was a big time player. Julio has the ability to score every time he gets the ball. Mr. Jones proved he can step up big in the clutch against LSU and Auburn last season. For this future first rounder, consistency will be key.

#3 Trent Richardson

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    Some think he is better than Mark Ingram. I don't know about all that, but no doubt Richardson is a great player. Bouncing off defenders like a pin-ball, Richardson is going to put up big numbers this season. Oh, and he's a great receiver too.

#2 Marcell Dareus

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    First of all, don't tell me Dareus can't win the Heisman. The boy named Suh came in 3rd last year, in the Heisman voting.. and it was a very close third. Dareus could be too dominating for a lot of teams even being capable of blocking him. He spells nightmare for any opposing drop back passer. Domination Dareus can win the Heisman. He was also voted Alabama's most valued player by the fans, in the spring. Nice pose there Dareus.

#1 Mark Ingram

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    Mark Ingram, can he defy the odds and win a second Heisman? I think it's pretty safe to say, Ingram will be in the Heisman talk all season long . More Wildcat formation from Ingram, and whatever else Nick Saban and Offensive co. Jim McElwain may come with should be fun to watch.

Closing Note:

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    With all of that said, don't get the idea that Alabama is even seeking another Heisman. While all of these guys are polishing their rings, they wonder what 3 more would look like on the other hand. Back to back BCS National Titles is what's in the sights for the Tide, but with great players like this... other things just happen.