NCAA Football '09: PS3 Review

BrianCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2008

Today, somewhat on a whim, I went out and purchased the NCAA Football ‘09 for PS3.

We don't actually own one of the systems, but someone is at our house making it fair game for use.

After playing two games already against a human opponent, I think it's safe to say that the game experience is truly impressive.

The game play is pretty good, so far, but we're just getting the hang of it.

I'll be sure to pout more as things progress on the video game frontier, but the only thing that is a little less impressive about this game is the fact that Matt Ryan is on the cover.

I'll be sure to remedy that soon.


It's late night, now, and after contesting several virtual gridiron battles our early verdict is that this game is awesome.

The game play is very smooth; almost too smooth at first as it takes some getting used to.

You really have to tailor your game plan to the team your using.

I tried some long passing when I was West Virginia playing against Clemson in Morgantown and failed to have much success.

It was only when I started using screen passes and the absurdly fast Noel Devine that I began to make some noise offensively.

Signing off.