Will The Buckeyes Live It Down?

Brian HodgesCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2008

OK already.  The Ohio State Buckeyes have lost the last two national championship games.  In a bad way to say the least. 

Is the college football world being to hard on the guys from Columbus? 

Go ahead, mention scores and stats.  Talk about bowl games.  We can discuss the dominance of the SEC.  It is a little difficult to grasp all this talk when the past is so easy to forget.  The Buckeyes lose by a huge margin against the Florida Gators in the 2007 BCS Championship Game and then lose by 14 to the LSU Tigers in the 2008 version.  

Now, the past also shows a similar picture.  Didn't the Sooners from Oklahoma get pasted by Southern Cal in the 2005 Orange Bowl?  Something to the tune of 55 to 19.  I believe that LSU beat the Sooners the season before that in the Sugar Bowl.  Why isn't this being talked about?  In my opinion the Sooners should never play in a BCS Championship Game again. 

But they could be this season.

Also, we are talking about the Buckeyes being 0 and 9 against the SEC in bowl games. Virginia Tech has not won back to back bowl games ever.  The ACC has not won a BCS bowl game since 2000.  Even the mighty Trojans lost to Utah in a bowl game in 2001 and that was with Pete Carroll coaching. 

I mean, we are going back to 1978 to say that Ohio State has never beaten an SEC team in a bowl game.  So, now these 9 games over a 30 year span matter more than the other 1,100 that they have played. 

I am fully aware of the SEC's dominance in college football. 

Well, we can learn a little more history.  An SEC team lost to Michigan in a bowl game in 2008.  The defending national champs lost to a team that Ohio State defeated.  That same team lost to Appalachian State.  Ohio State traveled to Texas in 2006 and beat the Longhorns.  When was the last time Florida traveled away and faced a worthy out of conference opponent?  Probably the Miami Hurricanes in 2003. 

Oh yeah, the Gators lost. 

When was the last time LSU went away and played against a worthy out of conference opponent?  Maybe the 2002 Virginia Tech game.  The Tigers lost.  The SEC is rather dominant... in home games.

Now, I am not singing the praises of the Buckeyes, nor am I saying the SEC sucks.  But the BCS was not put into place to punish teams from one season to the next. 

If Ohio State goes through the season undefeated or with the loss to Southern Cal, then the Bucks will be in the BCS Championship Game.  Why do so many preseason magazines and websites have Mr. Sweater Vest's team ranked #1?

I mean a great LSU team had two losses against two mediocre teams and won it all.