A BleacherReport.com Interactive Fan Article: Your Take on the SEC West

Derek StephensSenior Analyst IJuly 16, 2008

I'm going to try something totally different here and hope that I can get some good feedback.  You've heard all the SEC West Articles from various writers, including myself, but I thought I would add the fan's voice to it.  We can sit here and debate and have a biased view about it all day, but that's still not going to give us a good perspective. 

I personally believe that with the talent my Rebels have for the upcoming season, they're going to finish fourth in the SEC West, in front of Mississippi State and Arkansas.  Does that mean it's going to happen?  No.

Everyone assumes LSU is going to have a down year with Ryan Perrilloux's departure, but is that entirely accurate?  The hype is mostly on Auburn, who many believe will have a great year with a young QB. 

So here's the deal.  What you need to do is simple—go to the comment box below and let your voice be heard on how the SEC West will shake up.  This is how we'll rank the SEC West.

For example, here's my prediction (it's changed from my last article):

1) Auburn

2) LSU

3) Alabama

4) Ole Miss

5) Mississippi State

6) Arkansas

With that, Auburn is awarded 6 points, LSU 5, Alabama 4, Ole Miss 3, Mississippi State 2, and Arkansas 1. 

With everyone voicing their opinion, we can get a fan voice opinion on the SEC West, and I'll have a follow-up article in a week on who is 1-6 according to the number of points each team has received.

I ask that everyone lets his or her voice be heard and comments and gives us our BleacherReport.com Fan SEC West Preseason Prediction. 

Thanks and God Bless You!

Derek Stephens is the Ole Miss Community Leader for BleacherReport.com