Three Teams That Will Disappoint Their Fans in 2008

Chase DunaganCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2008

The nature of the college football off-season is unlike any other.  With eight months separating the National Championship game from the kick-off of the 2008 season, there is more than enough time for every fan of every team to get excited about the upcoming season. 

Prediction after prediction, fans see and hear what the most educated experts have to say about their squad, and some fans of perennial bottom feeders see that their team is picked to win the conference or challenge for a BCS bowl birth. 

Even fans of teams with rich traditions see that their alma mater is primed for a championship run.  While most of the college football community sees these teams in a glass half full manner, I am here to bring these fans back to earth and probably become one of America's most hated men in the process.

So here we go.... Three teams that wll dissapoint their fans in 2008


I hate to be the one to tell this to you Jayhawk fans, but you're headed back to mediocrity in 2008.  Oh, I wasn't the only one to tell you that? Then why do I still see you ranked in everybody's top 15? 

Kansas is a team that surprised even the most gifted sports analysts.  They ran through the 2007 season like the Oklahoma Sooners of 2003.  It seemed as if the Jayhawks failed to play a decent team all year, until they got to Missouri. 

Well, looks can be deceiving, but they’re not here.  Kansas only played two ranked teams all year, Missouri and VA Tech, and went 1-1 in those games.  Kansas was fortunate enough not to have to face Oklahoma, Texas, or Texas Tech from the Big 12 South division. In 2008, Kansas must face all three.

With nine returning starters on defense, many believe the Kansas D will pick up right where they left off (fourth in the nation in scoring).  But I think the loss of Aqib Talib, who was a superstar at Kansas, is too much to just replace by Chris Harris or Kendrick Harper. 

And as already mentioned, playing potent offenses like Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas Tech should show the nation what kind of defense the Jayhawks really have.

My Prediction:  Kansas will run through the first five game on their schedule, even beating a good South Florida team, only to fall off big time in the latter part of the season.  I see them losing four of their final seven games.  I think Colorado will pull the upset, and losses to Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri will send Kansas fans to the Alamo Bowl.

Texas Tech

Oh no. That’s what you’re all thinking. “He did NOT just go there.” I did.

Texas Tech is BY FAR the most trendy pick of the off-season.  A bunch of returning starters on offense, and a good defense that has only gotten better with the additions of JUCO transfers and a year of maturity.  Well I say hogwash!

If you’re a fan of the Big 12, you know that year after year Texas Tech is touted as “the team that will surprise this season!”  But year after year Tech under performs and loses to teams far inferior to them.

In 2004, the Red Raiders had a solid year where they only lost to the big three, Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas A&M.  Oh yeah, they lost to New Mexico, a team that lost to anyone with a pulse in 2004.    

In 2005, Tech had an amazing year.  They beat OU, and went to the Cotton Bowl.  But a loss to Oklahoma State late in the season cost them a chance to play in a BCS bowl.  Oklahoma State’s only conference win that season was against Tech.

In 2006, Tech scored a total of nine points in losses to TCU and Colorado. Colorado was 2-10 that year.

And last year, Texas Tech somehow managed to lose to Colorado (6-7) at home.  And that defense that was "good" last year, gave up a total of 202 points in the last six games of their season, including 59 points from an average Texas offense. 

The only team not to score at least 31 points in their last six games?  Baylor, who scored 7. Even if that defense got better, that’s like saying Shaquille O’Neal got better at free throws. So what?

This year people will be ready for Crabtree, and this year Tech will perform like they always do…. Disappointingly.

My Prediction:  Texas Tech will be good, real good.  But not good enough, and not BCS caliber.  I see them losing to Oklahoma, Texas, and possibly A&M (the Aggies have to win sometime).  Tech goes to the Holiday Bowl.


OK, this was hard for me to do because I think that Georgia is a great football team.  I just think that there is too much for them to overcome to win it all, and anything less will be considered a failure this year, with all this hype. 

All I can say is, the schedule resembles a Roman phalanx.  I don’t see how a team can get through that without a cut or bruise, if not being fully impaled.  All battle terminology aside, I think Florida is going to beat Georgia due to the fact that Georgia is 3-15 in thier last 18 meetings, and they embarrassed Florida greatly with their little riot in the end zone after a touchdown

You would have thought they had just won the Superbowl.  It was distasteful and should have been dealt with, but the SEC never handed out any punishments.  Good move SEC, I hope Florida does that to Georgia this year. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a fight broke out, and it cost a couple of college athletes their scholarships.  Good role model the SEC President is. 

If not Florida, I think Auburn or Tennessee will do the job. 

My Prediction:  Georgia still wins the SEC Championship, but with one or two losses, it’s not enough to make it to the National Championship game, since there will be two undefeated teams.  Georgia goes to the Sugar Bowl. 


Side note:  If there are not any undefeated teams, Georgia should seriously get the nod over a one loss Ohio State or one loss West Virginia.



There you go.  I’m sure many you hate me now.  But please feel free to leave a comment, nice or mean, it’s all welcome.