SEC Schedule + Big Ten Style

Ctrl-Alt-DelCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2008

Sure, everyone has heard about how the SEC teams need to schedule tougher OOC opponents in order to keep up with other conferences.

Everyone has heard about the weak OOC games that SEC teams traditionally play.

Has anyone ever thought to imagine what an SEC team's schedule would look like if we had in-conference opponents like the Big Ten does?

Now, this scenario will take a bit of imagination because I am going to have SEC teams and Big Ten teams on the same schedule. I am attempting to only give an idea of what an SEC schedule could look like if we had in-conference opponents like the Big Ten does.

Here it is, any random SEC team's schedule for any given year:

Illinois              In-Conference 1

Indiana            In-Conference 2

Northwestern  In-Conference 3

Iowa               In-Conference 4

Purdue            In-Conference 5

Minnesota       In-Conference 6

Michigan State In Conference 7

The teams above make up the meat of the schedule, the core.

Now, there must be at least one more in-conference game and then four OOC games.  Out of those four OOC games, one must be very good and the other 3 can be whatever.

For the good OOC game we can schedule Southern Cal.

Southern California OOC

Then we can have:

Akron OOC

Youngstown State OOC &

Kent OOC

For the season finale, the tough in-conference game at the end of the year, let's pick Tennessee. I am including Tennessee just so it will seem more familiar to all of us SEC fans, so we can kind of see how it would feel to have a Big Ten schedule.

Tennessee In Conference #8

And there you have it, an SEC schedule for any random SEC team based on the Big Ten's style of doing things.

The finished product would look like this:

Michigan State
Southern California
Youngstown State

Wow, that is a killer schedule.  No wonder all other fans of all other conferences bleat and whine about the SEC's poor OOC opponents.  They are going through meat grinders every week and the SEC doesn't have to worry about hardly anything.

For it to be fair, to even things out, all SEC teams should schedule at least two tough OOC games a year.

Then our real schedules could look like this:

We will just use Alabama as an example for a team's schedule:

South Carolina
Texas OOC
Tulane OOC
Troy    OOC

Yes, that is what SEC teams must do, we must schedule tougher OOC opponents, just to make everything fair and to keep the crying to a minimum.