College Football: Why the Coaches' Poll Shouldn't Be Part of BCS Rankings

Michael HoppesCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2008

A look at how Mack Brown wants the Coaches' Poll out of the BCS Rankings (Well, who doesn’t? And also, who does?) led me to another blog and "A fix for the Coaches Poll?"

They propose a simple approval voting system, where each coach would just list the top 10 teams, in no specific order, and each team would receive one point and then all the points combined.

Sounds fairly neutral, but Part Two shows there isn’t much change.  If you read Part Two, you’ll even see an amazing voice for ousting coaches as pollsters:

Before getting to the results, one noteworthy item: It’s apparent when you go through the coaches’ ballots that there were many agendas in play.  If you feel like it, go through them (they’re linked from Barnhart’s post).  You’ll be surprised, as I was, to see how often you can correctly guess the conference a coach is affiliated with based on the order of his ballot.

Bias?  Why can’t the coaches be held to a higher standard?

Oh, and for the record, I would love to be on the committee that selected the BCS contenders.  NCAA / BCS: Please contact me.