Postgame Tailgaiting: Why Oregon is the Best Team in the Land

Mark Scacewater@ScaceH20Analyst INovember 4, 2007 read Robert H.'s article on how LSU could and should be number one. As I read it, I thought...

1. what IF Cameron Colvin had made the end zone against Cal, and Oregon pushed the game to OT. They win, and are the undisputed #1 team in the land.

2. what IF USC wasn't forced to play Mark Sanchez over John David Booty in Eugene

3. what IF Michigan had not fallen to App. State

4. what IF Colorado's last second kick at home to beat Oklahoma had gone wide right

5. what IF Arian Foster hadn't fumbled at Florida when Tennessee was trailing 28-20, had the ball and the momentum

6. what IF Missouri wasn't missing its leading rusher when it faced off against Oklahoma

7. what IF a nuclear missile was launched from Yemen and landed in the middle of Alabama

This article will not hypothesize about the insignificant fact that LSU doesn't have a player that went to the pros, because, wow...what IF USC still had all it's NFL players? My goodness, they would be the best college team in the NFL.

This article will simply live in the present, in the reality of college football today, and quickly show why Oregon is the best team in college football.

1. Offensive Prowess: Icon Sports MediaFinally, everyone knows about Dennis Dixon and Jonathan Stewart. Dixon has taken over as the front-runner for the Heisman, while Stewart has established himself as one of the top 10 draft prospects for next year, trailing only D-Mac among all running backs. These Ducks put up 60 against inferior opponents, and still score on average 30+ against ranked foes (Michigan-39, USC-24, ASU-35).

2. Coaching Staff: Adding Chip Kelly as offensive coordinator ranks among the best coordinator hires of all time. The Ducks have gone from sporadic and maddening to dominating with basically the same personnell.

3. Quiet Confidence: No one for Oregon comes out every week and talks trash or taunts opponents. They simply do their job. When they lost, they encouraged one another, and now sit at #3 in the BCS. In short, they let their play do the talking.

4. Momentum: No team has more momentum right now than the Ducks. Back to back victories over top 10 opponents will do that for you. Couple that with a rabid fan base and Oregon has all the right ingredients for a title run.

5. Autzen: The magic of Autzen is something to behold. While it was unkind when Cal came calling, the fans and the deafening roar have been amazing the past few weeks, as Autzen Stadium has become a terror for opposing teams. With Oregon State at home to wrap up the season, look for Oregon to be 11-1 and ranked #2 in the BCS.

Honorable Mention: The defense has really made strides, holding powerful opposing offenses in check throughout the season. With the exception of DeSean Jackson going buckwild, no single player has hurt the Ducks all season. After sacking Rudy Carpenter enough to start a grocery story, the Ducks' D is standing tall and proud.