Gators Chomp Through 'Cats

Leon WynnAnalyst IOctober 21, 2007 hasn't beaten Florida since 1986, the Gators can add another notch to their belt after a 45-37 upset in Lexington.

In my preview for this game I wrote there was no way Florida would lose three in a row- they sure as hell didn’t. After back-to-back losses, Tim Tebow led his team in the eight straight game he’s scored a rushing touchdown in.

The victory will place the defending national champions back in the Southeastern Conference title hunt. The Gators are now tied with South Carolina and Georgia for first in the SEC East.

The Wildcats came out with an early lead when Dicky Lyons Jr. caught a 33 yard pass and found his way into the end zone. The lead lasted just under six minutes. Tebow connected with three different receivers in the end zone before halftime. The most notable occurring just before halftime, when Tebow showed finesse. He started toward the line, stopped, and threw a jump pass to Aaron Hernandez for a 1-yard TD.

Florida led 21-10 at halftime, but the Wildcats made a comeback attempt behind  Heisman candidate Andre’ Woodson. Woodson had his best game of the season with 415 yards and five touchdown passes, four of those coming in his second-half revival.

Lyons caught the attention of many viewers with several dazzling displays throughout the game. Late in the third quarter Lyons caught a short pass and turned it into a 50 yard gain by weaving through defenders in his path. His touchdown made it a 7 point game with Kentucky trailing 31-24.

The Gators responded with a steady drive ending in a 24 yards snag by Percy Harvin to bring the Gators up 38-24.

Kentucky once again cut the lead to a TD with under four minutes left as Woodson found Lyons on a 7-yard slant. The record crowd of 71,024 at Commonwealth Stadium went wild as Lyons jogged to the sideline, mouth hanging open in an oafish grin.

The fans at Lexington were on their feet, yelling in hopes of a come behind victory. Then it happened. Tebow iced the game by going deep, throwing a 40-yard pass to Harvin to give the Gators the ball on the 2. The crowd silenced. Tebow finished off the drive with a two yard touchdown run.

Kentucky finished the game on a touchdown pass to gain some respect-points. But a week after the Wildcats knocked off No. 1 LSU, they lost to No. 14 Florida for the 21st consecutive time.

My prediction (Florida 45, Kentucky 42) proved to be 5 points off on the Wildcat’s side, I can live with that.

A week after Kentucky's offensive line allowed no sacks against Glenn Dorsey and LSU's physical defensive front, the Gators got to Woodson six times. Perhaps we would have seen a different outcome if the Kentucky front five had played like they did against LSU.

My award for winner of the battle between the two Heisman quarterbacks will go to Tim Tebow. Andre Woodson compiled better passing statistics, but Tebow made a larger difference to his team.

IconTebow completed 18 of 26 for 256 yards and four touchdowns. On the ground he carried the ball 20 times for 78 yards and one touchdown. Those stats are not what gives him the upper-hand in this QB battle. The impact that Tebow gave to his team and his consistent performance throughout the game. When you can silence 78,000 celebrating fans with one beautiful pass, you deserve some recognition.

Icon Sports MediaWoodson played his best game of the season, unfortunately that game only occurred during the second half.  Woodson racked up 415 yards and 5 touchdown passes. Woodson started off with a an early lead and played well during the first quarter despite two sacks.

However Woodson fell apart in the second quarter, accounting for only 1 yard  and completing 1 out of 3 pass attempts on the quarter’s first drive. Despite a mid-game struggle, Woodson rebounded and delivered in the game’s autumn.