TUF 10 Recap: Episode 7

Mike SafContributor IOctober 29, 2009


Once again, the fighters proved to be out of shape for their fight as ex-NFL player Matt Mitrione took on Hawaiian Scott Junk.  Towards the end of the first round, both fighters were gasping for air after throwing a few combinations.  Junk, who actually talked a lot of smack about knocking Mitrione out, (I for one believed him) was very disappointing as he kept getting knocked to the ground, and appeared to want to stay there, but Mitrione would not follow.

Overall, the fight was a snoozer, and I could not help but laugh when Dana White commented about how these guys were trading BOMBS out there.  These guys were so gassed neither one could hold their arms in front of their face, nor could they reach the other guys face with anything more than a love tap.  This might have been the worse fight yet.

In the end, Mitrione, an obvious head case, got the win by love taps, keeping Team Rashad’s hope of a sweep in tact.  After the decision was rendered, Rampage Jackson walked off in disgust and proceeded to tear up a cardboard door (sort of makes you wonder what the punching bags are made of doesn’t it).

Tune in next week to see if Marcus Jones can save Team Rampage from getting an octagon bagle (that’s 8 straight losses btw) as he takes on Mike Wessel, get a preview of the quarterfinal match-ups, and watch Kimbo Slice pray for someone to get hurt.

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