Random Penn State Thoughts

Rick MontiCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2007

IconI haven't been able to write lately so I'm going to just give you an extended "Rumbling From atop Mt. Nittany" article.

-The coaching staff needs to take the blame for the Michigan loss. Penn State has way more talent than Oregon or Appalachian State, but the Nittany Lions refused to use it. Instead of using the speed of the wide-outs to beat the Michigan secondary down field, Paterno and the rest of the coaching staff was too bullheaded to change. Penn State should have beaten Michigan by 3 touchdowns that day. Instead they played to not lose and were too tight, and it caused them to make mistakes.

- While we're on the subject of big game play calling, I'll be interested to see what the coaches do this week against Wisconsin. since the '87 Fiesta bowl, coach Paterno has always pulled the reigns back on the offense in big games, the offense always plays tight and ends up making costly mistakes( The lone exception to this is the '94, but Dobber from "Coach" could have called the plays that year and they still would have averaged 40 points a game).

-10 years ago if you would have asked if Penn State is an elite program, I would have laughed and said of course. What about now? Forget about the 4 losing seasons, that was a combination of bad luck and bad players. But also exclude the 2005 1 loss season, that was a combination of good luck and good hard working players. To me Penn State is becoming an average Big Ten team, almost like an Iowa or Wisconsin or Purdue. I know Penn State people don't think this way but its becoming more and more of a reality. When Penn State joined the conference in 1993 people though State, Michigan and Ohio State would make up the big 3. I think Penn State's actually in the mediocre 5.

-As for Wisconsin this week, watch for the coaches to do just what I said. They'll pull back the reigns on the offense and keep it close through three quarters, probably trailing by about a touchdown heading into the 4th quarter. Then the'll make Morelli do just what he can't: win a game. Watch for him to throw 2 late picks. Wisconsin 17, Penn State 6.

-Speaking of Morelli, that Illinois game has to be looked at as the worst performance by a quarterback in the Joe Paterno era. The last 4 drives of the game went: Morelli int, Morelli int, Morelli fumble, Morelli int. I hate to blame it on one player but as a senior, captain, on the road he needs to make a big play, especially when Penn State started everyone of those drives in Illinois territory.

-The saga that is the football career of Austin Scott seems to have come to a sad end. According to sources close to the situation, Scott has been linked to a sexual assault charge filed by a woman early Friday morning. According to the reports, Scott cleared out his locker before Penn State's game against Iowa on Saturday, after being dismissed from the team. Coach Paterno "was not going to talk about it" at his post game press conference Saturday. Scott was highly touted out of high school, but never panned out, and was always in Coach Paterno's dog house. This is just a send end to a career and an extreme waste of talent.

-My prediction for the rest of the season is to finish 7-5 and go to the Motor City Bowl.