And the Winner of the 2008 Heisman Trophy is........

RyanCorrespondent IMay 19, 2008

And the winner of the 2008 Heisman Trophy is...Though that still needs to be determined, I will give you my top five candidates and the reasons why I think the 2008 Heisman Race will be one of the closest in history.

1. Chris "Beanie" Wells

This guy is simply a beast. At 6'1", 237 lbs, he looks ready for the NFL, and has a great supporting cast to enhance his running game. Beanie is power and finesse all rolled up in one.

As a starter in 2007, he rushed for 1,609 yards on 247 carries, and scored 15 touchdowns, although he was injured for most of the year and had some clean up in the off-season.

Be prepared, this guy is the real deal. With the OSU line coming back, and a huge chip on their shoulders, he might just run away with the Heisman Trophy.

2. Knowshon Moreno

This kid has a motor that just won't quit!

It took him a little bit to get going last year, but once Mark Richt let his hair down, he also unleashed a prized possession. Moreno is 5'11", 207 lbs, and has great football speed. He rushed for 1,334 yards on 248 carries, and scored 14 TD.

Watch out SEC, there is a new top Dawg!

3. Tim Tebow

How can you not mention this guy in the top three?! He is the first Sophomore to win the award, and that puts him at the top automatically.

The only reason I put him at three is that Urban Meyer is trying to lighten the load that Tebow carries. He has Emmanual Moody, a transfer from USC, helping with the running game and trying to keep Tebow healthy enough to compete for the SEC title.

His chances aren't as good as last year, but as the reigning champ, he will either be a finalist, or a Dawg will make a bait out of this Gator.

4.   Michael Crabtree

Having won the 2007 Biletnikoff Award, this kid has all the goods.

You just know that his every touch has the potential of going to the house. If you don't believe me, ask Oklahoma—he made them look like a decent high school team with his 154 yards on 12 catches. Although he plays in an offense that supports his position, one still has to be special to put up his numbers.

This guy might just raid the awards circuit this year. Look out Big 12!

5. Chase Daniel

You may not have known him before 2007, but there is no doubt he is among the best for 2008.

He put Missouri back on the college football map, and with a good core of receivers returning, Daniel will look to take the next step and bring the Tigers a Big 12 title.

With Daniel's consistency and toughness, 2008 might just be the Year of the Tiger.


As I see it, this could be the closest race ever.

Last year proved that the power gap in college football is closing, primarily because there are five star athletes everywhere. 

Sound off and let us know who your Top 5 are!  

Well, let's get the season underway I know it's going to be another great year in college football!