Is Tim Tebow the best QB to ever play for UF?

Robbie MunroeCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2007

IconAll signs point to greatness for Tim Tebow. 

ESPN had a segment about why Tebow is Superman during its pre-game this past weekend.  After watching a friend spend a few grand on Superman items before the last big movie, I'm not surprised by the comparison. 

Tim Tebow is the new obsession of college football.  Is it possible that a QB throws for 3,000 yards AND rushes for 1,000 yards in the same season in the loaded SEC? 

Unlike other schools around the nation, the University of Florida had yet to start a QB as a running threat.  Other schools have found QBs that can outrun defenders...but Florida found one that can run over defenders. 

Tebow is currently on pace to surpass the leading rushing statistics of at least 5 of the past 7 years.  That is right...he would have the third best rushing season for UF since the turn of the season.  At Tebow's current pace, he will finish the season with 876 rushing yards.  That doesn't even include a possible SEC Championship game and a bowl game.  All he would have to do is rush for 62 yards in each of those games to reach 1000 for the season.

Not only does Tim Tebow run the ball well, he also scores touchdowns while doing it.  Tebow already has 5 rushing touchdowns this season.  The current record holder for touchdowns in a season by a UF runner is 14...a mark that Tebow is on pace to break in just 9 games! 

Tebow looks to crush Emmitt Smith's touchdown records here at UF before his career is over.  Think his pace is a fluke?  How about 8 rushing touchdowns as the back-up last season!? he knows how to run the ball.  How about his arm...can he throw? 

Tebow had the first 300-yard passing game of his career this season against Western Carolina.  He missed his second by a mere one yard against Tennessee last weekend. 

Tebow replaced another quarterback that Florida fans loved...Chris Leak.  Chris Leak only set the school record for passing yards over his career.  So one would think that Chris Leak was the best passer Florida has seen prior to Tebow...WRONG!

Chris Leak had seven 300-yard passing games throughout his tenure as starting field general.  That is probably why he went undrafted.  The man I feel that Tebow should be striving to become is Rex Grossman. 

Yes, so he fell short in the Super Bowl—but at least he made it to a Super Bowl.  This also means that Chris Leak is the worst starting quarterback that Florida has started this century.

I know what you're thinking: why would Tim Tebow want to be like Rex Grossman? 

Here's why: Grossman had 17 (yes 17) 300-yard passing games in just three seasons at UF (he went to the NFL early and made the Super Bowl in his third season mind you). 

In fact, Grossman had 9 straight 300-yard passing games.  How is that for consistency? 

But Rex Grossman is the perfect QB to compare Tebow to this season for another reason: Grossman had 3,896 passing yards and 34 passing touchdowns in his sophomore season. 

If Tebow can surpass Grossman's 2001 stats, then look for Florida to go undefeated with ease this season.  He is currently on pace for 3,340 yards and 32 touchdowns.