What about that other passer?

Nathan WrightContributor ISeptember 18, 2007

In the back of everyone's mind, you know who I am talking about. Graham Harrell, Texas Tech's leader of the most prolific offense known to college football. Why is everyone going ape crazy over Hawaii's Colt Brennan? Is it his passing numbers? His teams success? What does he have that Harrell doesn't have? Let's look at some of these stats...

1.) Team records*:  Hawaii 3-0; Texas Tech 3-0

2.) Passing yards as of week 3*:  G. Harrell 1317; C. Brennan 1262

3.) Passing TD's*:  G. Harrell 14; C. Brennan 12

4.) Conferences:  Texas Tech: Big XII; Hawaii: WAC


Sure, I know you are thinking that these don't count because they are still just non-conference stats. The thing is, if you look at these same stats at week 10 or week 12, you would see the same thing.

So why is Brennan being placed as a Heisman hopeful and Harrell is shoved to the side like all other Texas Tech football alums?  Why don't the voters just look at the stats?

The way I see it, Harrell is more deserving of the talk for two main reasons that set these two statistical mosters apart. First one being that Harrell has had to work with a completely new recieving corps this year. Putting up those numbers with so many new hands catching the ball is deserving of a mention.

Reason number two is being the conference that each team is in. Let's look at the Western Athletic Conference first. There is only one undefeated team at this point of the season, Hawaii. That's right, everyone else in the WAC has suffered at least one loss, including the mighty Boise State. Now we look at the Big XII Conference and we see that there are four undefeated teams in the South alone, six total. These teams include the powerhouses Oklahoma, Texas, and Nebraska, but they also have Missouri, Texas A&M and of course Texas Tech. Of those teams, Tech has to play three of those teams every year. This year Tech adds Missouri to the mix of conference play.

Now then, don't go saying that I am a Colt Brennan hater. He is doing a wonderful thing for a mid-major conference team, but there is better out there. If you are will to bring up Colt Brennan, then you should have no problem talking about Texas Tech's Graham Harrell. 


*All stats recorded from www.foxsports.com