Mix and Match: Who Has The Better Match-- Ups, The Tide Or VT?

Heath McGuffCorrespondent IJune 6, 2009

We can all say that last season was nothing less than remarkable...

I myself was thrilled we even made it to the SEC championship let long the Sugar bowl. I knew Nick Saban was good but now I know he is great.

Last season the Tide went a impressive 11-0 in the regular season, only to get to the SEC championship and be beaten by Tim Tebag! Don't get me wrong he is one hell of a athlete but I can't stand him!

This season I look for the same thing out of the Tide as the 2008-09 season, hard work and dedication to have that killer instinct to finish off teams late in games.

I also liked the physical running game of the Tide, but with the departure of senior Glen Coffee I hope Mark Ingram will come through big for the Tide in the 2009-10 season.

I'm now going to show some of the key match-ups in the Crimson Tide's first game against VT in Atlanta, GA on Sept. 5.

Juilo Jones V.S. Danny Coale

1. Julio Jones is one of the most physical wide receivers in the NCAA.

2. Julio Jones has 4'' on Coale and almost eight pounds.

3. Julio averages 4.6 more yards a catch.


* Juillo Jones is just more physical and a all--round better player.

Darren Evans and Tyrod Taylor V.S. Mark Ingram and Trenton Richardson

1. Combined rushing total for VT= 2,003 Combined rushing total for Tide= 2,818

2. Combined touchdown total for VT= 18 Combined touchdown for Tide= 38

3. Combined rushing attempts for VT= 434 Combined rushing attempts for Tide= 368

Advantage= Alabama

* I know Richardson is straight out of High School but he will not disappoint.

Tyrod Taylor V.S. Greg McElory

1. Tyrod Taylor- 99-173(1,036 yds.) Greg McElory 8-11(123 yds.)

2. Tyrod's yards per catch= 5.99 Greg McElory's yards per catch= 11.18

3. Tyrod's passer rating= 103.2 McElory's passer rating= 178.5

Advantage=Virgina Tech

* I know that McElory has only played a limited number of minutes, that's why the edge goes to Tyrod Taylor.

Drew Davis V.S. Jason Worilds

1.Drew Davis has more experience on the O line than Jason Worilids does on the D line.

2. Jason Worlids is the leading rusher for the Hokie's recording eight sacks last season.

3. The Bama online is ranked among the top ten in the SEC.

Advantage= Alabama

* I also know that the VT defense is on of the best in the ACC and was ranked seventh overall in 2008-09 season. The Bama O line is just better.

Justin Woodall V.S. Tyrod Taylor

1. Justin Woodall had four interceptions last season for 99 yards.

2. Tyrod Taylor threw five more picks last season than touchdowns.

3. Woodall is a great safety, he is very fast and can recognize coverage and breaks on the Qb's throw very fast which allows him to pick the ball off effectively.

Advantage= Alabama

* Tyrod Taylor is still young an does not have the experience as a veteran safety, that's why Alabama gets the advantage. Also note this is one of the key match ups that Alabama will exploit, Tyrod Taylor can not handle pressure.

Dont'a Hightower V.S Jarrett Boykin

1. Hightower is a great coverage linebacker can make plays down field in coverage.

2.Jarett Boykin's longest catch is 44 yards, Dont'a Hightower can cover that all day.

3. Dont'a Hightower is the better physical player and is more versatile than Jarett Boykin.

Advantage= Alabama

* Jarrett Boykin only had two touchdown's last season, VT is going to do more running the ball than passing, that's why Alabama gets the advantage.

Matt Waldron V.S. Leigh Tiffin

1. Leigh Tiffin more experience.

2. Matt Waldron was not even their starting kicker last season.

3. Leigh Tiffin has just about the strongest leg in the SEC, I don' think he can be out kicked by and kicker on Virgina Tech's team.

Advantage= Alabama

* Leigh Tiffin with more experience wins this match-up and his ability in the past to make clutch kicks. I picked this match-up also because this game is going to come down to the wire!

So after the run down I look for the Crimson Tide to win this ball game.

This is a complete rundown from top to bottom of the roster and from offense and defense.

If you fell I did not give enough reasoning behind why one person one the match-up please ask and I will further elaborate on each.

If you thought I left someone out I would also like you to tell me who and why the match up is important.

                                                  ROLL TIDE ROLL


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