5 Prime-Time Games?! Veteran Draft Picks?! Browns Are Hungry to Win

Jeremy RhodesCorrespondent IApril 21, 2008

Well For Browns fans, We unfortunately have to wait til day 2 of Saturday and Sunday's NFL Draft this weekend. But with the New Rule changes with shortening how long each team gets to pick and also moving round 3 to Sunday; makes us feel a lot better than day 2 will still have a big market for what we need. If we look what we got for our day 1 draft picks, there's not a fan out there i think who is upset with what we got. I still really wanted to keep Leigh Bodden because i felt like he was really coming into his own as a still #2 shut down corner but i mean now we are really riding the wave with two sophomore Corners which i do believe will be really great. I'm just really confused with one thing. Ty Law. Law is still on the market begging the New England staff to bring him back. Well not one talk or meeting has been set up lately and its almost like they are waiting until after the draft and get him dirt cheap. Why Don't we take a shot with him? RAC has worked with the #1 CB when he was on staff. I think he would be a good fit.

Now for draft needs. I really want to see another running back, Cornerback, Linebacker, and Tight End. Yes i know Tight End isnt a need. But I'm not huge on the Steve Heiden being our 2nd corner. There's a Tight End by the name of Kellen Davis from Michigan St. who could fall very late in the draft and have two Kellen's sounds good to me.  Here are my Hopefuls:

1.Shaun Crable-Michigan LB/DE (Complete Agreesive Outside Linebacker to Co-exist with Wimbley) If he is still on the board, I can't see an Ohio Native being passed up.

2. Chevis Jackson CB LSU (You can never have too many DBs) with the Lacking of Leigh Bodden and praying Gary Baxter will be playing next year, the Browns need to add Depth at the DB's. I think with a lot of teams really need to fill needs at that position so he may be our best bet. Now if Antwaun Molden from EKU is still on the board which i highly doubt, then its a no brainer.

3.Ryan Torain or Mike Hart RB Arizona St./Michigan (Lewis needs to mentor someone other than Harrison and Wright) Don't Get me wrong both of our #2 and #3 Running backs aren't terrible. But i really think the Browns will really want to have a strong 2 back system this year. We definately don't want to turn into the Lions with all of our Wide Recievers and throw about every single play. haha Which for us will be completely far fetched we get that way.

4. Kellen Davis or Jacob Tamme TE Michigan St/Kentucky (Tight Ends are always a plus.) Winslow coming off a pro bowl year is still our man probably until he can't play. But if for some reason he gets hurt, I really don't want Dinkins or Heiden being our TE.  You always have to plan ahead. This area isn't really a need. I just like the late pick for Tight End.

Now going back to the actual Season, Wow our schedule is tough. I think if we break out of week 2 with a great National Television Debut Against Pittsburgh, we will be the team to watch again this year. Adding Stallworth to the team really makes me smile. I mean you can bicker about how he didn't catch a lot of balls or have big numbers since the Eagles/Saints Era of his career. He didn't have to. In New England he was a #2 WR and if you watch him, He's always open. I honestly believe when the Browns Line up like this any team is going to be upset. Stallworth,JJ,Winslow in the Tight End spot or even slot, Edwards, and a single back look with Lewis. That right there screams points.

Well this is my first Bleacher Report as a member so I will write again before the draft if I hear anything.