Have a Seat, Grab a Fork and Listen to Les Miles Describe Thanksgiving

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 26, 2013

We all lost Les Miles for a few moments, because the LSU head coach seemed to wander off into a fanciful daze of turkey meat and warm gravy.

The Big Lead's Tim Ryan spotted the perfect video to start the Thanksgiving festivities, and it's rather easy to describe: Les Miles explains his favorite part of the holiday meal. 

He begins with the caveat, "I am the easiest man to please when it comes to food." So you would think he wouldn't have much to say. But that's when he takes mere food description and forms beautiful prose that should come with a calorie counter. 

If your mouth begins to water by the end of this short video, relax. That's just the natural byproduct of a grown man breaking down one bite as if it were the most phenomenal football play ever crafted.

And this is the part where we ask you to supply your favorite part of the upcoming holiday. Is it the wonderful discussions taking place in the warmth of the family kitchen? Maybe you enjoy seeing faces normally absent throughout the year?

For me, it's waking up after a five-hour nap and remembering there are leftovers that only need be zapped in the microwave. It's when you wipe away sleep slobber, put on some sweats and meander to the fridge that you really find the true meaning of the season. 

Now the only real tragedy is Miles is locked up as LSU coach. This man could make a pretty penny offering up his voice for some Audible.com book.

Hell, we would let him read us the takeout menu from the Chinese place down the block, floating off to sleep as images of dumplings and bowls of fried rice dance in our heads.

Many will travel thousands of miles for a dinner that will feature many delicious dishes and some that miss the mark. However, LSU's main man talking turkey is perfect.

His description is the auditory equivalent of a 20-pound bird nicely roasted and carved onto a heaping platter of Thanksgiving awesome.

Who needs a bib?


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