Breaking Down 4-Star RB Elijah Hood's Highlight Tape

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst INovember 22, 2013

Breaking Down 4-Star RB Elijah Hood's Highlight Tape

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    Elijah Hood is a talented 4-star running back who may become a household name in a few seasons. The North Carolina commit is a violent runner who is 5'11.5" and 222 pounds.

    Hood has terrific short-area explosiveness to skate through alleys. He arrives on the second level with force, plus he can break tackles and carry defenders for extra yards. 

    Hood is a tremendous prospect who routinely displays his talent on his highlight tape. The clip is so impressive that it warrants a closer look.

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Play No. 1 0:00-0:11

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    Hood's first play on his highlight tape is an impressive run that allows him to showcase his full arsenal. He does a good job of being disciplined to the hole, which he attacks with force.

    The subtle cut he makes in the alley to scoot to his left shows that he had good vision on this play, as there's space on the flanks. Watch how the big running back shows just enough wiggle to elude the field-side cornerback before showing off great build-up speed to get downfield.

    Then, Hood finishes the run by delivering a punishing blow.


Play No. 2 0:12-0:15

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    If this play doesn't get people excited, then nothing will. Hood simply gets nasty on this run, as it's clear he understands running backs need to rev their engines near the end zone. 

    The North Carolina native attacks the line of scrimmage downhill, then unloads on a defender at the point of attack to finish his run. The strength and force shown on this carry proves Hood is ready to play now for the Tar Heels.


Play No. 3 0:16-0:24

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    Hood shows good quickness to and through the hole as he shoots to his right. He runs through an arm tackle, but also shows outstanding athleticism by hurdling a defender on the second level.

    After he lands, Hood's agility and explosiveness allow him to continue skating downfield. He shows good toughness at the end of this run by carrying a few defenders for extra yards after contact.


Play No. 4 0:25-0:40

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    This is another run where Hood shows he's the total package as a runner. He gets to the edge of the box by using his quickness, then his strength allows him to run through an arm tackle.

    What's impressive about this run is Hood's instincts and vision to see the cutback lane across the second level. Not many high school running backs have the feel and knack to use their eyes and head in such a quick manner.

    As the run transpires, skills such as elusiveness, speed and creativity are displayed by Hood.


Play No. 5 0:41-0:46

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    Hood doesn't align very deep in the backfield, so it's remarkable that he's such a solid decision-maker. The deeper a running back is in a formation, the more time he has to make correct reads.

    Yet the 4-star runner shows a knack for reading blocks and making correct decisions on the fly. Hood takes a carry to the right side, then makes multiple cuts to prove the powerful runner can dance when he has to.

    After his final cut, Hood sticks his foot in the ground and explodes away from a defender to score.



Play No. 6 0:47-0:55

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    An incredible run, Hood breaks four tackles on this play. There's nothing complex about what he does here, as he just bulldozes his way through the defense.

    Strength, power, toughness and sheer determination by Hood make this a special run.


Play. No. 7 0:56-1:10

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    Hood displays good patience in traffic before finding a crease to get to the second level. This is another skill that shows he's ready to contribute to UNC's offensive rushing attack.

    Hood then decides to use a stiff arm when challenged by a defender, which he executes in an impressive manner. After that, he then gallops downfield by using his solid speed.

    After breaking down this highlight tape, it's felt that Hood deserves a 5-star rating.

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