Falcon Football Preseason Predictions

Cris ShumakerContributor IMay 27, 2009

PROVO, UT - OCTOBER 29:  Quarterback Shaun Carney #5 of Air Force runs the ball in a game against Brigham Young University during the first quarter October 29, 2005 at LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo, Utah. Carney went out with a cut on his left hand and was doubtful to return to the game.  (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

The Falcons are looking to continue to build on their last two seasons, and with it being Troy Calhoun's third season in Colorado Springs, they should still be on the rise.  My predictions put the Falcons finishing the season at 10-2, keep reading to find out why.

Nicholls State - Win

Starting the year at home over Parent's Weekend against a weak opponent.  Should serve as a tuneup game to try and get the option going in a good rhythm before heading to Minnesota for a very tough game.

at Minnesota - Win

Minnesota's home opener in their brand new stadium.  Will be a very tough game for the Falcons, but their offense is not something that Big 10 schools like Minnesota see very often.  Minnesota is a solid team, but only mediocre for being in one of the BCS conferences.  With them graduating much of their defense and the key players for the Falcons returning this year, this could definitely be a Falcons victory.

at New Mexico - Win

The last two years New Mexico has struggled.  They beat the Falcons two years ago in New Mexico, but that was because of five turnovers on the Falcons side of the fifty.  The Falcons should roll.

vs. San Diego St. - Win

A new coach does not instantaneously turn around a team that has been as bad as San Diego St. has been.  They have no offense, no defense, and no kicking game.

at Navy - Win

No doubt about it, this is the biggest game of the year.  Navy is now without their two best players from last year and hopefully does not have people waiting in the wings.  Air Force has given this game away two years in a row now and is win less in their last six meetings with Navy.  As long as they don't accumulate 50 yards of penalties after a first and goal from the two, or allow two punts to get blocked and returned for touchdowns, I don't foresee the Falcons losing to this Navy team.  But here's to hoping Navy beats Ohio State.

vs TCU - Loss

TCU's defense just knows how to defend the Air Force option.  I've seen it happen over and over again.  TCU's defense is big and fast and has the experience necessary to defend the option effectively.  If TCU scores 7 points they win this game.

vs. Wyoming - Win

Wyoming will be implementing a new offense this year now with Christensen replacing Glenn as the head coach.  I know that Wyoming doesn't have the personnel to run the offense that Missouri has run the past few years so I think they will struggle as Christensen gets frustrated with his lack of talent.

at Utah - Win

I predict this win because Utah lost Brian Johnson.  Without a mobile quarterback, Utah is more liable to lose to the Falcons.  Look at the game two years ago when Johnson was injured.  Air Force dominated every facet of that ball game, and the same will happen this year.

at Colorado State - Win

The Falcons have dominated this rivalry the past few years.  The Rams were much improved last year and I expect they will continue their improvement, but Troy Calhoun's team just has Colorado State's number and won't let the team up North ruin their chances for a conference title.

vs. Army - Win

This series is one that has also been dominated by Air Force.  With the Black Knights traveling to Falcon Stadium, there is no way that Army will be able to stand up to the all-around more talented Falcon team.  It could still be trouble because rivalries always can be, but I expect an Air Force win.

vs. UNLV - Win

The Runnin' Rebels gave Air Force a run for their money last year, but it was also played in Las Vegas.  The last home game for the Air Force Seniors will be a win, if for no other reason than they will refuse to lose their last game in Falcon Stadium.

at BYU - Loss

BYU matches up extremely well against Air Force because of their huge linebackers, fast receivers, and Max Hall at quarterback.  The Air Force secondary just can't handle the BYU receivers with a quarterback that has the intelligence that Max Hall has throwing to them.  They also struggle to score points because of those BYU linebackers that just overpower the Air Force linemen.

These predictions are up for debate and I welcome it so please comment!