Watch Auburn Fans Lose Minds as Ricardo Louis Grabs Tipped Pass vs. Georgia

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 18, 2013

A Georgia defender tipped a prayer of a pass into wide receiver Ricardo Louis' hands, and that's when the entirety of Auburn nation erupted into beautiful bedlam. 

Here is their story. 

The posted video is rather easy to explain. It's a compilation of fans' reactions to possibly the greatest (luckiest?) catch of the season. Really, this is the perfect way to celebrate a truly astounding play. (You all remember the fan reaction videos of Landon Donovan's World Cup goal, right?)

As the weekend dissolves into the workweek, we remember the game-clinching grab in the only fitting way possible, with the cheers of thousands of Tigers fans. 

Of course this begs the question of why fans are in the business of recording themselves as they watch a football game. Was there a memo passed around that I missed?

Instead of diving head first into a question with no answer, we will decide to just thank these fans for having their cameras running as the weekend's big game came to a close. 

Their jubilation is now our reward. 

As we now know, 4th-and-18 is hardly an insurmountable distance to cover, and 36 seconds on the clock is plenty of time to change the entire dynamic of a football game. 

With the score in favor of Georgia, 38-37, Nick Marshall heaved the ball to a well-covered Louis. 

As Louis told the Associated Press (via, what happened next was fairly unbelievable. "I couldn't believe it. It just landed right into my hands. I saw it once it got over my shoulder. It got tipped, I lost track of it...but when I looked over my shoulders, it was right there."

One man's miracle is another's nightmare, or so Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray offered: "It's like a nightmare. You try to wake up, and we are celebrating victory. It's tough. This is going to be a tough one to get over."

And with that, we simply have to ask for the obvious Georgia reaction videos. Then again, we assume none of their respective cameras survived the recordings. 


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