NCAA Football Rankings 2013: Hits and Misses from Week 10

Randy ChambersAnalyst IOctober 27, 2013

NCAA Football Rankings 2013: Hits and Misses from Week 10

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    With another week of college football in the books and more teams falling short of expectations, the voters are left to decide each team's fate. The new USA Today coaches and AP polls have been released, and as always, there are a few spots that can be criticized.

    Some teams are too low, others don't deserve to be treated like elite teams and some aren't mentioned in the polls at all.

    You gotta love college football rankings. Everybody has an opinion!

    This week, an independent team is still being mistreated, a Pac-12 team is holding out hope and a certain ACC squad is making a strong case for the top spot.

    Note: Here are the AP poll and the USA Today coaches poll in their entirety.

Miss: Notre Dame

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    Ranking Last Week: USA Today, N/R; AP, N/R

    Current USA Today Coaches Poll: No. 25

    Current AP Poll: N/R

    Overall Record: 6-2

    Notre Dame should have been ranked after last week's win over USC. Stomping Air Force 45-10 isn't really convincing, but that's a game this year's Irish would usually need a last-second field goal to win. Now, under a newly improved Tommy Rees, the offense is scoring points, and the defense has also increased its level of play.

    Oh, we've heard this before.

    True, but five wins in six games isn't too shabby. One of those wins came against a grossly underrated Michigan State team. Don't be afraid to give the Irish credit.

Hit: Missouri Dropping

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    Ranking Last Week: USA Today, No. 7; AP, No. 5

    Current USA Today Coaches Poll: No. 10

    Current AP Poll: No. 10

    Overall Record: 7-1

    That ranking didn't last long. Missouri played great for about 55 minutes and then watched South Carolina come back and win the game in double overtime. Of course, Tigers field-goal kicker Andrew Baggett didn't help matters.

    It's a devastating drop from near the top, but it is well deserved. Yes, Missouri is still a fun story and still has a great chance to appear in the SEC championship game, but were you ever completely sold on this team being a national championship contender?

    Reality has caught up with Missouri.

Miss: UCF

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    Ranking Last Week: USA Today, No. 25; AP, No. 21

    Current USA Today Coaches Poll: No. 22

    Current AP Poll: No. 19

    Overall Record: 6-1

    Don't look now, but UCF could be the little guy that sneaks into a BCS bowl. If it does take place, the Knights are very deserving, and the potential opponent should be afraid.

    UCF's only loss was a three-point fall to South Carolina. Some of the key wins include road victories against Penn State and Louisville. The defense is physical and one of the best in the country, while running back Storm Johnson could probably start on your favorite football team.

    The overall lack of competition on the schedule is the only reason voters aren't completely sold on UCF, but this team is truly legit and ready to slay a few more giants.

Hit: FSU Receiving Two 1st-Place AP Votes

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    Ranking Last Week: USA Today, No. 3; AP, No. 3

    Current USA Today Coaches Poll: No. 3

    Current AP Poll: No. 3

    Overall Record: 7-0

    Florida State received two first-place AP votes! Time to celebrate in Tallahassee!

    While a 49-17 win over North Carolina State shouldn't make a national-championship contender do back flips, it was a sign that Florida State has turned the corner. This is a game in which the Seminoles normally would have choked and been booed off the field.

    Not with new star quarterback Jameis Winston leading the way.

    The Seminoles are for real this season, and you could make a valid case for them being the best team in the nation.

Miss: UCLA

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    Ranking Last Week: USA Today, No. 11; AP, No. 12

    Current USA Today Coaches Poll: No. 19

    Current AP Poll: No. 17

    Overall Record: 5-2

    UCLA has lost the last two games against Pac-12 competition, and both were pretty convincing losses. Usually when this happens, voters panic and threaten to knock said team out of the polls altogether. Instead, UCLA is still ranked in the Top 20?

    That's blasphemous!

    Quarterback Brett Hundley has fallen into a sophomore slump, and the defense isn't as great as everybody once thought. We've seen Notre Dame, Georgia and Florida thrown out of the polls. It's tough to understand what the voters still see in the Bruins.

Hit: Michigan State

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    Ranking Last Week: USA Today, N/R; AP, N/R

    Current USA Today Coaches Poll: No. 24

    Current AP Poll: No. 24

    Overall Record: 7-1

    It's about time Michigan State enters the polls.

    The Spartans have now won four games in a row and control their own destiny in the Legends Division. The defense is allowing fewer than two touchdowns per game, and the offense has scored more than 40 points in two of the last three games.

    Don't look now, but Michigan State looks like a team that's actually capable of giving Ohio State a run for the Big Ten title. It only took more than half the season for voters to realize the Spartans are a solid team.

Miss: BYU

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    Ranking Last Week: USA Today, N/R; AP, N/R

    Current USA Today Coaches Poll: N/R

    Current AP Poll: N/R

    Overall Record: 6-2

    Voters just aren't buying into BYU. Teams such as Oregon State, Texas, Virginia Tech and Arizona State all have more votes than the Cougars in the USA Today coaches poll.

    Uh, what?

    The Hokies lost to Duke! Yes, the game was played on the football field, not a basketball court. Meanwhile, BYU has won the last five games, including wins against respectable teams such as Utah State, Georgia Tech and Boise State.

    The Cougars defense is one of the best in the country, and the offense is taking positive strides. Keep sleeping on the Cougars if you'd like, but they can make some major noise against some of the better teams in the country.

Hit: Northern Illinois

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    Ranking Last Week: USA Today, No. 22; AP, No. 23

    Current USA Today Coaches Poll: No. 20

    Current AP Poll: No. 21

    Overall Record: 8-0

    What's this? Northern Illinois is actually getting a little respect? It's not much after a 59-20 win against Eastern Michigan, but moving up a couple of spots sure beats remaining in the same position after wins over Akron and Central Michigan.

    The Huskies are still the impressive little program they were last season. This time, though, people aren't as impressed due to other little guys such as Louisville and Fresno State stealing some of the shine. However, with both the Cardinals and Bulldogs stumbling a little bit, don't be surprised if Northern Illinois positions itself for another BCS run.

    Slow and steady wins the race.

Miss: Oregon

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    Ranking Last Week: USA Today, No. 2; AP, 2

    Current USA Today Coaches Poll: No. 2

    Current AP Poll: No. 2

    Overall Record: 8-0

    Picking between Oregon and Florida State is like being forced to decide between a Lamborghini and a Bugatti. I'll take either if you absolutely feel the need to twist my arm.

    However, Florida State just feels like the more complete team at the moment. Maybe it's the Jameis Winston factor or the top-10 defense that plays lights out, but I get the feeling the Seminoles would be capable of beating any team in the country on a neutral field.

    Oregon? Not so much. Sure, the high-scoring attack is fun to watch, but Washington State and UCLA held their own for the first half. What could Stanford or Alabama do to this offense? Any physical defense that generates pressure can slow the Ducks down. Florida State, Alabama, Stanford and even Missouri all have that.

    The first BCS rankings agreed.

Hit: Alabama

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    Ranking Last Week: USA Today, No. 1; AP, No. 1

    Current USA Today Coaches Poll: No. 1

    Current AP Poll: No. 1

    Overall Record: 8-0

    Despite all the talk surrounding Oregon and Florida State recently, voters aren't ready to move Alabama out of first place just yet. Although Oregon received six first-place votes in the USA Today coaches poll and three in the AP poll, the Tide are still the team to beat in college football.

    Nick Saban's team seems to be hitting its stride at the right point in the season. After subpar performances to begin the year, Alabama has blown out its opponent in each of the last four games, and the offense is beginning to play with the same intensity as the defense.

    There may be flashier teams in the country, but Alabama is still the best overall until proven otherwise.