Sportscaster Drops Hilarity from Top Rope, Names 31 Wrestlers in Broadcast

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Adam Lefkoe is all that and a box of WWF Superstars cereal

Awful Announcing's Matt Yoder spotted this video of Lefkoe delivering his report for Louisville's WHAS 11. So far, no big whoop. 

Really, Lefkoe could have delivered the same ol' report we have come to expect from other local sportscasters with the usual array of cliches. 

According to his YouTube post, the reporter asked Twitter to suggest some professional wrestling personas to reference in his "Wrestlecast."

From there, we get a broadcast covering a Louisville rout and Kentucky quarterback conundrum that is peppered with the brilliance of referencing stars like "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, Miss Elizabeth, Tatanka and "Ravishing" Rick Rude—at least those were my favorite hat tips. 

It's enough to make you feel...well, there's no suitable word, so I will go ahead and yield to this video to sum up my emotions at the moment.  

If you want to get noticed in this business, you better force-feed the masses controversy (ahem, First Take), or you can get creative. 

Lefkoe opted for the latter. 

He even spelled out exactly what is behind his "Wrestlecast" and various pop-culture-themed broadcasts to follow in his blog post over at Out of Lefkoe Field:

The local sportscast is dying. The emergence of all-sports channels and catered fan websites has rendered this medium mundane. No opinions, not enough time to delve into details and a complete lack of resources.

Want highlights? There’s a website that probably has them. 

Want analysis? There’s dozens of articles ready to read…and you’re allowed longer than a few minutes to digest the content.

So, other than expecting people to turn on their TV at a designated time because they always have…how does the local sportscast attract an audience? Engage them.

It's a simple thought that has returned epic results. 

You can phone in whatever you are doing and accept the status quo. Or you can deliver a DDT to the audience that will have them wanting more. 

With that, we would kindly like some more please, Lefkoe. 

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