Michigan State Student Pulls Mannequin Prank, Scares Heck out of Football Team

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterAugust 15, 2013

Want to scare the living grease out of everyone on your team?

It takes patience, preparation and a willingness to stand completely still for long periods of time. The human mannequin prank isn’t easy, but one Michigan State Spartan pulled it off with sublime results this week.

The Spartan sentry in this video is Michigan State student Garrett Briningstool, who dressed up in full Sparty football gear and stood outside the school’s football facility as early as 6:30 a.m., hoping to surprise members of the team as they trickled in for preseason training camp.

The video was spotted by Tom Fornelli of CBS Sports, and it features a rich bounty of priceless reactions from coaches and players freaking out as the mannequin man comes alive. 

The reactions run the gamut from “Whoa, didn’t expect that” to “AHH! KILL IT WITH CROSSBOWS!”

Fittingly enough, one of the best reactions of the day came from head coach Mark Dantonio, who showed up first to the facility—only to be rewarded with a statue lunging at him in the early morning gloom. 

To put it lightly, Dantonio was scared out of his gourd by the surprise. The 57-year-old coach shouts and pulls up his hands, clearly believing he’s under attack.




Image via webzdarma.cz

Other classic reactions include defensive back Mark Meyers, who nearly runs off into the tunnel when he turns around and sees a mannequin pursuing him. 

Defensive tackle Tyler Hoover, on the other hand, stood his ground and won the petrified kung fu master award with this frozen crane technique.


Well played, Sparties. This was a strong joke, and no one ended up punching this kid in the facemask—making it a win all around.


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