Much Ado About Nothing: Big 12 Keeps BCS Rankings for Tie-breakers

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2016

Despite the endless complaints of the media, Texas fans, OU haters and people just sick of watching OU lose BCS National Championship games, the Big 12 coaches have rejected the alternative proposal to adopt the SEC's tie-breaker that throws out the lowest ranked BCS team in a three-way tie.

So maybe using the BCS as a fifth tiebreaker is not as dumb as the media and Mack Brown led us to believe or maybe seven of the Big 12 coaches are just too out of touch with the fans to care.

Either way, both proposals have their problems. If the Big 12 had the SEC tiebreaker last year Bob Stoops would have been forced to let Tech stage a comeback in the second half just to keep the game close in hope that Texas would be the one dropped out. Obviously letting computers decide is flawed because they cannot take the intangibles of a team into account.  

I can agree with any Texas fan that says OU did not deserve to go to the National championship game more than Texas, but though I would agree that Texas was equally deserving you can not change my mind that they were more deserving in a three-way tie. Actually, Tech was just as deserving as either team. 

Texas Tech was definitely the worst of the three teams but based on their accomplishments, having one loss in a three-way tie, they deserved everything just as much as OU or Texas did, no more, no less. The problem does not lie in the Big 12 and how it chooses its tie-breaker or champions. the problem is the NCAA Football Bowl Division chooses its champion without settling all the questions on the field.

I would love to see the north and south divisons thrown out and the Big 12 championship being played by the teams with the two highest rankings. Even with this system, that would have left one of the three teams out in the cold last season.

Texas better hope another three-way tie does not happen this year in the south division because of the three teams most likely to finish at the top OU, Texas and  Oklahoma State. Texas has the weakest out of conference by far, so chances are they will be left out in the cold once again.

The solution is simple: win all your games and you are the Big 12 champs. Too bad that doesnt work for the National Championship, just ask Auburn, Boise State or Utah.

Most years, at the end of most college football seasons, we are left with as many questions as answers. That is the beauty, or ugliness, of college football.

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