Breaking Down New 5-Star Recruits in Latest 247Sports Rankings

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIJuly 10, 2013

Breaking Down New 5-Star Recruits in Latest 247Sports Rankings

0 of 8 has released its latest rankings, and a handful of recruits were impressive enough at the Opening or Elite 11 to receive a coveted fifth star.

    The 5-star ranking comes with a ton of pressure, but it's also a huge honor in the world of college football recruiting. It's an honor all of these recruits undoubtedly deserve. 

    Here's a breakdown of the new 5-stars, according to 247Sports.

    Note: Scouting and analysis done by author, via tape study of film provided on each recruit's respective 247Sports profile page.

Dante Booker, OLB, St. Vincent-St. Mary High School (Ohio.) *Ohio State

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    Dante Booker has the size and speed combination to be a great outside linebacker in college football.

    He's 6'3'', 212 pounds and runs a 4.52 40, according to 247Sports. 

    Booker can play physical and be a "spill-player" on the edge. That basically means he can step up, fill the C- or D-gap, and set the edge against the run. He's strong enough to take on a blocker and force the ball inside. He's also a fundamental tackler.

    Because of his speed, Booker will be able to capitalize with the blitz or chase down a play from the backside. He'll also be comfortable in coverage.

Thomas Holley, DT, Lincoln High School (N.Y.)

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    Thomas Holley has great size at 6'4'', 285 pounds, but he also possesses elite agility for a big man.

    He gets out of his stance quick and has terrific fundamentals. He has natural strength because of his size but also has a nice swim move and uses his hands to disengage and pursue.

    Holley runs a 5.19 40 (247Sports).

    Notre Dame is the top team on his 247Sports interest list.

Curtis Samuel, ATH, Erasmus Hall High School (N.Y.)

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    To say that Curtis Samuel is fast would be an understatement. He runs a 4.36 40, according to 247Sports, which is elite.

    Samuel can play safety, running back or receiver, and he has star potential at any of those positions. As a safety, he displays great athleticism, aggressiveness and is a strong tackler.

    On offense, his breakaway speed sets him apart. He has great footwork, vision and can cut on a dime. 

    He's the type of player that you want to get the ball to as much as possible, on offense.

    Ohio State is the leader on Samuel's 247Sports interest list. Alabama, Miami, Notre Dame and Rutgers are also featured.

Royce Freeman, RB, Imperial High School (Calif.)

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    Freeman looks like a bowling ball when he runs through a defense. Defenders try to hit him and simply fall away.

    He's a powerful runner with a low center of gravity and strong legs. He'll hit the hole hard and churn his legs on contact, so defenses will be forced to wrap up.

    With that said, Freeman also has excellent footwork, great vision and the ability to cut and change direction.

    Oregon, UCLA and USC are on top of his 247Sports interest list

Joe Mixon, RB, Freedom High School (Calif.)

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    Joe Mixon is the No. 1 all-purpose back, according to 247Sports.

    He's a powerful runner who can make defenders miss because of great vision and the ability to cut and change the running lane. He's explosive, can be a power runner and has long strides, so he covers a ton of ground.

    Mixon should also be good out of the backfield because of his speed and elusiveness.

    USC leads on Mixon's 247Sports interest list, followed by Oklahoma, California, Georgia, Notre Dame, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin. 

Ermon Lane, WR, Homestead Senior High School (Fla.)

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    Ermon Lane has the perfect blend of size, speed and agility for a wide receiver. He's 6'3'', 193 pounds and runs a 4.52 40, according to 247Sports. 

    He'll be able to push the defense vertically because of his speed and height. He has soft hands, great footwork and can go up and "high-point" the football.

    Lane will be a threat to go deep anywhere on the field, but look for him to really shine in the red zone.

    Alabama, Florida and Miami top his 247Sports interest list

Nick Chubb, RB, Cedartown High School (Ga.) *Georgia

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    Nick Chubb has immense potential. He's quick for a big man (4.47 40, according to 247Sports), hits the hole and gets upfield in a hurry.

    He can pound it between the tackles, run defenders over and pick up tough yards, but he can also take a stretch play, win the edge and juke his way to the end zone.

    Calling Chubb a power back would be a disservice considering how well-rounded he is.

Kyle Allen, Pro-Style QB, Desert Mountain High School (Ariz.) *Texas A&M

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    Kyle Allen impressed at the Elite 11 and came away as the No. 2 quarterback at the prestigious competition. He's athletic and has a nice arm, but accuracy is the word to focus on here.

    He has pinpoint accuracy in and out of the pocket and is cool, calm and collected as a quarterback.

    Replacing Johnny Manziel is going to be a tough task, but Allen should be up to it. He has the poise of a potentially elite quarterback.

    He's also 247Sports' only 5-star pro-style quarterback recruit. 

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