Penn State 2010 Recruiting Smörgåsbord

Mike PettiganoCorrespondent IMay 7, 2009

Lots of stuff going on with Penn State recruiting over the past week. I figured a good old catch-up session would be in order, particularly with yesterday's news that Penn State offered another quarterback for next year's class. Top that off with the commitment from a great offensive line prospect, and you've got yourself a good week. Also, I found a fun new recruiting toy!

• First off, the big news from yesterday. Penn State offered Tennessee quarterback Barry Brunetti (☆☆☆ Scout; ☆☆☆☆ Rivals), possibly to sure up any remaining uncertainty about Paul Jones. I don't think Penn State has to worry about Jones backing out (again), but this is a great move to put another highly-regarded quarterback on the board.

I'll update the 2010 Recruiting Board this weekend.

• Earlier this week, Penn State landed another verbal commitment. On Monday, Pennsylvania offensive lineman Luke Graham (☆☆☆ Scout; NR Rivals) joined the 2010 recruiting class. He's a big kid, at 6'5", with a lot of potential. This one came to Happy Valley courtesy of Tom Bradley.

• Finally (drum roll...) the fun you've all been waiting for. Okay, so you already know because of the screen shot I posted as this article's picture. But anyway, it's the not-as-impressive-as-I-made-it-sound college football recruiting gadget everyone should take at least five minutes to play with! I'm sure some of you already knew about it (I probably did too, but completely forgot if I did), but that doesn't make it any less neat. Click HERE to try out the Big Ten Recruiting, 2010 recruit map, by Google. You can click on the little man in the Gulf of Mexico to change conferences. Isn't it cool?!

That's all for today.