The Opening 2013: 2014 Linemen Who Dominated the Opening 1-on-1 Drills

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIJuly 3, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

One of The Opening's greatest features is the 1-one-1 drills that pin the best offensive and defensive linemen recruits in the country against each other and, per expectations, 2014's matchups didn't disappoint.

Defensive linemen were able to show off their burst and technique, and offensive linemen displayed their ability to move around in the pocket, and their footwork.

When all was said and done though, there were a handful of recruits that stood out as dominant and JC Hassenauer and Chad Thomas took home top honors:


Update: According to Brandon Huffman of on Twitter, 5-star offensive tackle Cameron Robinson won the offensive 1-on-1 MVP. He also tweeted that 4-star defensive tackle Ainuu Taua won the defensive side.


JC Hassenauer, 3-star OC, Alabama Commitment

JC Hassenauer is a 3-star center who may be becoming the most underrated recruit in the nation. Many reports from The Opening have stated that Hassenauer is impressing, and his showing at 1-on-1's back up the hype.

According to Mitch Stephens of CBS/ on Twitter, Hassenauer won the top lineman award at the camp, along with defensive end Chad Thomas


Need to see proof of the 3-star's dominance to believe it? Look no further than this Vine from ESPN's Derek Tyson:


Hassenauer certainly seems like a potential star in the making—and he's committed to Alabama.


Chad Thomas, 4-star WDE, Undecided

One would be remiss to mention one award-winning lineman without mentioning the other in more detail. As Stephens reported, Thomas was the defensive lineman recipient of the top award at The Opening. 

Thomas is 6'5'', 240 pounds and runs a 4.85 40, according to You get a good look at his size and speed combination in this Vine from ESPN's Haubert. Notice how fast he gets out of his stance, but then switches it up and turns to the power game:


Louisville and Miami are on top of Thomas' 247Sports interest list, followed by Florida State and LSU. 



Cameron Robinson, 5-star OT, Uncommitted


Cameron Robinson is the best offensive tackle recruit in the nation, according to the 247Sports composite rankings, and he lived up to the expectations at The Opening.

According to a tweet from Greg Biggins of, Robinson had a stellar showing against weak-side defensive end and Tennessee commitment Joe Henderson:


As you can see, Biggins also referred to Robinson as the "best overall prospect" at the camp, which is huge praise considering the amount of talent in Oregon.

Robinson has a top two of Alabama and LSU, according to his 247Sports interest list.

Tom VanHaaren of sent out a tweet that also confirmed Robinson's dominance:


And this Vine from ESPN's Craig Haubert should put a bow on top of both of those tweets: 


For those football nerds who love to watch footwork (I'll admit to being one of those guys), check out Robinson's footwork and ability to move around in the pocket, via this Vine from Damon Sayles of



More 1-on-1 Action:

Here's 4-star guard Damien Mama going up against No. 1 defensive tackle recruit (according to the 247Sports Composite rankings) Andrew Brown, per Tom VanHaaren:

This is a another Vine from VanHaaren from day one of The Opening. You get a good look at Brown's technique. Notice how he uses his hands:

Ndamukong Suh showed up to The Opening to work with the defensive linemen, according to Todd Huber on Twitter:


Tug of War

Just because, per VanHaaren:

Note: Star rankings according to the 247Sports composite rankings. 

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