2014 College Football QB Recruits with Best Arm Strength

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIJune 26, 2013

2014 College Football QB Recruits with Best Arm Strength

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    For the record, arm strength is not the only important thing to look for in a college football quarterback recruit. That said, it sure is fun.

    There are plenty great things about the game of football. For many, one of those things is watching the quarterback heave the ball down the field, get it over the defensive back's head and drop it on a dime right into their receiver's hands.

    The precision and power of the deep ball is truly an amazing thing.

    Quarterbacks with great arm strength can also throw the ball into tight windows like it's been shot out of a cannon. It may not have the loft and beauty of a deep ball, but it still is just as impressive.

    The 2014 class has some big-armed quarterbacks. 

    Of the top five on this list, four are committed, three-of-four to SEC programs.

    The top quarterback on this list checks in at an imposing 6'5'', 230 pounds, and all have the athleticism to make something happen with their feet.

    Let's break down their arm strength, though. 


    Note: All scouting and analysis done by writer, via tape study of film provided on each recruit's respective 247Sports profile page. Star rankings courtesy of the 247Sports Composite.

5. Deshaun Watson, 4-Star QB, Gainesville High School (Ga.) *Clemson

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    Deshaun Watson is going to make a ton of plays with his feet at the college level, but that doesn't mean he has a bad arm.

    In fact, Watson's arm, combined with his speed, is what gives him so much star potential. He'll fit into Clemson's scheme perfectly.

    He puts great arc and touch on his deep ball, and he has the strength to heave it down the field. His arm isn't elite compared to some of the other quarterbacks on this list, but he gets great loft on the ball and can get it over the defender.

    Watson has great placement and he can throw into tight windows. He throws well on the run, thanks to his ability to reset his feet, plant and throw.

4. Kyle Allen, 4-Star QB, Desert Mountain High School (Ariz.) *Texas A&M

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    Kyle Allen will have some big shoes to fill at Texas A&M once Johnny Manziel leaves, but thankfully for the Aggies, he has the arm to do so. 

    Allen has a very natural throw, and he displays great fundamentals. He steps up into the throw and he'll be able to pass the ball virtually anywhere on the field. He puts great zip and velocity behind the ball to the sideline, and he does a great job of putting it where only his receiver can get it.

    He has a tight spiral, good touch and his accuracy is well above average.

    Allen doesn't seem to be straining himself when he makes big throws, which points to great arm strength.

3. Will Grier, 4-Star QB, Davidson Day School (N.C.) *Florida

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    Will Grier is only 6'3'' and 180 pounds, but he has a terrific arm. 

    He really slings the ball and is aided by his length. His size and lanky arm give him leverage, almost like a catapult. Notice how his deep ball is shot out of his arm with great velocity, arc and touch.

    Grier has the ability to throw on the run, and that's where he really displays his arm strength. He can seemingly flick his wrist while running and throw the ball on a line. 

    He has the potential to be a great quarterback for Florida. 

    If he puts on some weight, look out, SEC.

2. Keller Chryst, 5-Star QB, Palo Alto High School (Calif.)

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    Keller Chryst will be defined as a quarterback by his accuracy, but that does point to good arm strength. The ball goes where he wants it to go, and that takes velocity and control.

    Weakly thrown footballs tend to either float or wobble, thus hindering accuracy. A tight spiral is key, and that goes back to arm strength, as well as technique. 

    Chryst doesn't need to have his feet set to throw a spiral and get it downfield. He throws a beautiful deep ball and leads his receiver, allowing enough airtime and loft for the wideout to catch up and get his hands under it.

    He can throw it at least halfway down the field in the air, and that's under duress.

    Stanford is the top team on Chryst's 247Sports interest list, followed by Pittsburgh, USC and Alabama. 

1. David Cornwell, 4-Star QB, Norman North High School (Okla.) *Alabama

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    David Cornwell is a big, powerful quarterback. At 6'5'' and 230 pounds, he can really put a lot behind his throws.

    Frankly, it looks like he's playing a video game at the high school level, so it only makes sense that he committed to Alabama, a program that's creating a video game-like dynasty.

    He's a natural, smooth passer with a nice release and good form. Credit his footwork for some of the throws he's able to make. 

    His deep ball has good arc and touch, but it also has a velocity to it unlike any other quarterback's throws in his class. It's like he's rocketing the ball in.

    When Cornwell steps into his pass, he looks like an NFL quarterback already. He can throw it on a line to his receivers and hit throws that a high school recruit just shouldn't be able to make yet.

    The most impressive trait about Cornwell is that he can throw with the same velocity and accuracy while he's running around in or out of the pocket. 

    The NFL comparison to Aaron Rodgers is legitimate, and that says all you need to know about Cornwell.

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