10 Can't-Miss College Football Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Randy ChambersAnalyst IJune 14, 2013

10 Can't-Miss College Football Gift Ideas for Father's Day

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    You've had a busy week and forgot that Father's Day was coming up. Or you put it off because you continue to struggle with a gift idea. Don't worry, you're not alone. It happens to the best of us.

    Please, whatever you do, don't be that person who finally caves into the pressure and buys a cheap tie and a card. We had a meeting with all of the fathers, and they are tired of that nonsense every year.

    Let's help.

    Is he a fan of college football?

    Well, we're heading in the right direction.

Pre-Order NCAA Football 14

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    For the gamer in your life.

    The game isn't released until July 9, but pre-ordering it is always the best option. The last thing you want is to show up to the store to find out you will have to wait a few days until they get a new shipment.

    Running in this game has been made so much easier, an acceleration burst has been added, as well as real time physics. NCAA Football 14 is clearly the best college football video game to date and would intrigue even fathers who aren't big on sitting down with a controller in their hand.


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    Giving a tie or shirt on Father’s Day screams that you didn't put much thought into the gift. It's cliché and would just repeat the cycle of giving him something lousy on his day.

    However, since he is a college football fan, clothes that feature the logos of his favorite team earns more brownie points. This is something he could actually wear on game day and be proud to own. The other clothing he received has been stuffed in the back of his closet to never be seen again.

    Whether it is a jersey, polo or jacket, team apparel is always the way to go if you have to lean in this direction.

    Where can you find some of this stuff?

    At the Bleacher Report store, of course.

Stuff for the Man Cave

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    No way this guy doesn't have a man cave with how impressive he is dressed to see his Miami Hurricanes. If your father is one of the lucky guys out there who also has a room to himself, adding a few items to decorate it is always a plus.

    You can add a banner that actually lets people know that they are entering a man cave. You can't go wrong with an NCAA dart board. There are NCAA mirrors, neon lights, rugs and even mini refrigerators with his favorite team's logo on it.

    Anything to make his man cave manlier would put you on his good side.

Stuff for the House

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    If your father doesn't have a man cave, you can always build him one. Or the next best option would be to get stuff for the house.

    For the cookers out there, how about a football-shaped cutting board? He could use a shot glass set if he is a Maryland fan. It's going to be a long year.

    Actually, a beer mug may be better in this case. We can throw away mom's hideous table and add a little spice to the living room.

    While we are at it, we can throw in a wall clock and gorgeous table lamp that features that precious logo.

    Anything to help him show off his favorite team would work.

Stuff for the Car

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    If he already has his entire house decorated with team stuff, the next option would be to deck his car out with his favorite school.

    Car emblems and decals are always popular with the college community.  Or if he actually has a car similar to the one in the picture and doesn't want to ruin it with something cheesy, let's slap a license plate frame on that bad boy.

    If he is the type who really wants to go all out, team floor mats and head seat covers would fit the bill.

    Help his car look better than it already does.


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    It is always difficult to buy reading material for somebody else. Everybody has certain preferences and what may be the best book ever to you, may put others to sleep. But football fans can always relate to the same thing.

    Throw Dean Koontz and Stephen King out the window, and buy your pops something that will educate him a little. You can find some solid football material by clicking here.

    Another book that is a must read for any football fan is The Essential Smart Football by Chris B. Brown. You can never go wrong with learning more and developing a better understanding of the game.

    Even if your father isn't impressed with this gift from the beginning, he will thank you later.


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    Whether it is for the man cave or his house, sports memorabilia is always at the top of the list for any sports fan. It makes you feel like you are part of history and is something you can proudly show off to your buddies.

    Bet he doesn't have a football signed by Johnny Manziel. A photo signed by the Miami Hurricanes' Ray Lewis? A signed picture of Joe Paterno and Tom Osborne is something you'll never be able to get your hands on again.

    Sports memorabilia may be on the expensive side, but is something your father will cherish forever. It would also put you in good company when Christmas time comes around.

A Day of Golf

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    All dads love golf. Even if they aren't good at it (most aren't, don't worry), everybody enjoys playing this peaceful game. It gives him a chance to get away and not have to listen to the constant nagging that he forget to take the trash out.

    Rewarding your father with a day at the golf course is a gift that you could give him every year, and he won't complain one bit.

    And since he is a huge college football fan, you could also throw in a golf bag, gloves, head covers, golf balls and team visors.

    This would make his day.

Grill Stuff

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    Cooking on the grill is just the manly thing to do. Some would even go as far as to remove your man card if you aren't capable of putting it down on the BBQ.

    Assuming he has the grill in the backyard and is ready to go, let's throw away those old cooking tools and hook him up with something special.

    Did you know he could brand his meat with his team's logo? This would be perfect for when you have those rival fans over for dinner.

    There are also team cooking sets, team grill covers, steak and rib rub, as well as a team logo spatula and bottle opener. Seriously, how cool is that?

    Make the BBQ experience that much better.


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    There is no better gift for the college football fan than providing game tickets for the upcoming season.

    All of the other stuff was cool, but this gift is actually giving your dad the true college football experience. There is nothing better than being at a game and taking in the atmosphere.

    The tickets for his favorite team have been on sale for a while now and would actually be cheaper to purchase than waiting a week before.

    If you truly aren't convinced this is the right gift, just look at how excited a dad can get when he receives tickets.

    Make the right choice.