Most Delusional Fan Bases in College Football

Ian Berg@@ShugJordanPkwyCorrespondent IMay 29, 2013

Most Delusional Fan Bases in College Football

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    A lot goes into a fanbase losing touch with reality.

    It can be a history layered with national titles or the presence of a longtime winning coach. Sometimes it is the national attention that gets pumped their way because of impressive records against mediocre competition.

    Whatever the reason, these eight programs boast the most out of touch fanbases in the country. 

Alabama Crimson Tide

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    Let’s start this list off right—the Alabama Crimson Tide.

    This name brings a lot of controversy landing on the list with the team currently owning college football and pushing for a third straight title. But it’s when the Tide isn’t winning championships that the ridiculous expectations begin to appear.

    We all know the championship run will end eventually, and when it does, the fans will still expect titles. This is the same group that expected a national title from Mike DuBose and Mike Price.

    Nick Saban has built an impressive dynasty and will be remembered as one of, if not the best coach in ‘Bama history. That doesn't mean the Tide will win the title every year until he retires. 

    Alabama will always have one of the most storied histories in college football, but the program can’t be the best in the land every year.

    Until the fans actually start to believe that, the Crimson Tide will always battle for the most delusional fanbase in the country. 

Boise State Broncos

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    Boise State has won some big games through the years, but thinking they belong in the BCS title game for plowing through the Mountain West is ridiculous.

    Chris Petersen has put together an unbelievable 84-8 record with the Broncos, but there have been very few games that pitted the program against top level competition.

    To expect this team to contend for a national title on a consistent basis is not sound judgment. There are a number of two and three loss programs that face stiffer competition. Strength of schedule matters, and the Broncos don’t have it.

    The fans can continue to argue for titles, but the best shot they had disappeared when Boise decided to stay in the MWC and not jump to the Big East this past December.  

Texas Longhorns

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    This is another example of a program with a rich history and out of touch fans.

    The Longhorns have done everything they can to return to the national spotlight lately, except win football games.

    Things like the Longhorns Network are an attempt to make the brand a national draw again. But Texas is in a struggling conference and on the edge of falling to mediocrity in the next few years.

    Texas fans always expect a national title, and they believe that their program should be serious contenders for one every year. When the Longhorns don’t live up to their fan's expectations, excuses follow.

    No matter where you are in the country, Hookem’ signs are well recognized and can be seen in an airport near you on a daily basis. 

Clemson Tigers

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    The Clemson Tigers were a middle-of-the-pack ACC squad until Dabo Swinney took over and launched them into the ACC title game.

    Now, the Tigers have a very talented program and will challenge for the ACC title again this coming year, but ask Clemson fans and they'll tell you that a national title is within reach.

    Sure the Tigers are a dark horse, but heading into the new year, they aren’t a real threat for the title. There is a lot of inconsistency on defense, and the blasting they took by West Virginia a few years back proved it was an issue.

    These Tigers fans think that thanks to a solid record in ACC play and some national attention, their program is headed for a national title every year now.

    Sorry Clemson fans, but a dynasty is not in the cards. 

Penn State Nittany Lions

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    The Nittany Lions are one of the most legendary programs in college football. Joe Paterno put the program on a pedestal that seemed untouchable, and then it crumbled under his watch.

    What used to be a seemingly grounded fanbase that loved a coach is now one of the most delusional groups in all of sports.

    Denying the culpability of Paterno in the Sandusky scandal pushed this fanbase over the top. Denial has been the modus operandi for a lot of Penn State fans since the news broke.

    The program is moving on successfully from the scandal and the community appears to be healing, but this will always be a hot topic that brings Penn State faithful back to the edge of reality. 

Arkansas Razorbacks

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    The Razorbacks faithful can thank Bobby Petrino for this one.

    What appeared to be a program headed for a dark horse national title run turned into a 5-7 program on a downward spiral with no direction or leadership.

    The minute the Hogs coach dropped his bike on an Arkansas highway, the country began to notice how unrealistic Arkansas fans are. Most didn’t want to fire the coach even after the truth surrounding his lies had surfaced.

    When he was fired, the fans pushed it aside and said their team would still challenge for a national title. Who needs the coach that put it all together?

    Now the Hogs are expecting to have instant success with Bret Bielema despite the wholesale coaching change.

    Some things never change. 

USC Trojans

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    The Trojans are one of the top programs in the Pac-12 consistently, but even when it is obvious they will be bad, the fans refuse to believe it.

    No team will compete without scholarships, and even when the Trojans faced a massive reduction in scholarship players, national titles were still expected of Lane Kiffin.

    Pete Carroll put the Trojans at the top of their game, but he also did it while rules were being bent and broken under his watch.

    Nothing has come out of L.A. in the past few years to make anyone expect a title run, but the fanbase is still screaming championships.

    Some things never change, and the expectations of the diehard USC fan never will. 

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

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    Notre Dame expected to win the national title in 2012. Need I say more?

    To be fair, the program made it into the game after running the table against some very talented teams. But if you watched the Irish win, it was clear they were not an elite level program.

    This is a fanbase that thinks every season should produce a title and respect on the national stage. The Irish are the best the game has ever had to offer according to the Notre Dame faithful.

    Even when the Irish were nowhere close to being elite, the fans thought they were.

    This program will always have a fanbase that feels it is the best in college football. Notre Dame fans expect respect for the colors they wear. Unfortunately, they haven’t been consistently relevant in a few decades.