2009 NFL Draft: Top Three Former Alabama Players To Make an Impact as Pros

L.C. May@lcmay474Correspondent IApril 30, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 25:  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell introduces Detroit Lions #1 draft pick Matthew Stafford at Radio City Music Hall for the 2009 NFL Draft on April 25, 2009 in New York City  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

This year's NFL Draft was like any other. Former Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford being the No. 1 overall pick was quite exciting—only because he signed one of the largest contracts in NFL history.

Now, the reason I say this is because some of this year's best prospects for the draft came from the SEC. So out of all those great prospects from the SEC, which ones from Alabama will make an impact?

Out of the nine players that played for Alabama that were drafted, which ones will have a chance to make an impact or have playing time?

I am going to start with No. 3 and work my way down to No. 1.

3. Rashad Johnson

Johnson was drafted No. 95 overall by the Arizona Cardinals. He was one of my favorite players while playing for the Tide, mainly because he was a walk-on that had a definite impact during his tenure at Alabama.

I believe he will work his way up to starting, if he tries as hard as he did while he was at Alabama. He is fast, physical, and can make a big play. If you do not think he can make a big play, watch every defensive play, when we played LSU, and you will change your mind.

2. Antoine Caldwell

One of the most recognized centers in Alabama history was drafted No. 77 overall by the Houston Texans. As we all saw in the combine, Caldwell is a very hard working person.

He will start eventually, if not in his rookie season. Caldwell is strong, physical, and gives up very few blocks. He should be able to help out the Texan's offensive line.

1. Andre Smith

It wasn't hard to guess who I was going to put at No. 1. But who can blame me? I know he did horrible at the combine and made a bad reputation for himself. If he wouldn't have done that, he probably would have been the No. 2 draft pick overall, but instead, he was drafted No. 6 overall by the Bengals.

He may have performed badly at the combine, but if you give up one sack in your career, you're going to start in the NFL. He also had one touchdown which adds to his amazing stats. He will start...trust me.

Well, there are my top three, and I believe they will have the biggest impact in the NFL. I hope you enjoyed the read.