College Football Bowl Game Schedule Released for 2013-14 Season

Ian BergCorrespondent IMay 22, 2013

The bowl season brings a lot of mixed emotions to the table. It marks the end of the college football season, but it also produces 35 games in 17 days for our viewing pleasure.

For the college football fan, it is the best way to celebrate the holidays and ring in the New Year. The Football Bowl Association built excitement on Wednesday by releasing the 2013-14 bowl schedule.

The season will kick off with the Gildan New Mexico Bowl on December 21, with three games to follow the same day.

There will be only three days from December 21 to January 6 when a bowl game won't be on television.

The VIZIO BCS National Championship Game is set for Monday, January 6 with the Rose Bowl hosting the game this year.

BCS competition will begin on January 1 with the Rose Bowl Game presented by VIZIO kicking things off. The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl follows on New Year’s Day, the Allstate Sugar Bowl is set for January 2 and the Discover Orange Bowl will be played on January 3.

The AT&T Cotton Bowl will also be played on January 3. The Cotton Bowl is notable for its presence as a member of the playoff rotation in the new playoff system.

Love them or hate them, the bowls are great for the game and the economies that they impact. According to the schedule release, 28 communities host bowl games, with 7,000 student-athletes and two million fans being impacted.

Bowls have been an important part of the college football landscape and its rich history. It is a full lineup, but if the audience wasn’t there, the games wouldn’t be either.

Soak this piece of history in, as this will be the final bowl schedule release of the BCS era. 

There is no better way to spend the holidays than watching the bowl games unfold. Now you can plan your parties and travels thanks to the FBA.